Author Gregg Jarrett: John Durham Knows Just How Corrupt the FBI Is


He wrote the books on Russian collusion and the witch hunt. Welcome back to America first with Greg Jarrett. I have to return Greg to one more and more question with regards to John Durham and the recent flurry of activities. This is a man who he stayed in the shadows for most of his career. There's only two photographs of them. Whatever you see, you know, an article about Darwin's the same photograph of him scowling coming out of a courtroom. So it's a guy looks to take his job seriously, has a pretty serious reputation, and one of the things he's known for as what was it former Connecticut U.S. attorney is that he puts feds in prison. So he has put corrupt FBI special agents and supervisory special agents in prison for breaking the law. As a result, I just want to what is it Jen Psaki says circle back on why you think the indictments are going to stay at this low level of people lying to the bureau and not actually target the people inside the bureau who were the architects and the implementers of the Russia hoax and the witch hunt? Is that just a gut sense of what you witnessed in the last two years? Well, you know, as much as I sometimes rely on confidential sources and leaked information is any journalist has terms to be commended. I mean, he's remained silent. He doesn't leap, no leaks come out of his investigation. He is a serious guy. He knows how corrupt the FBI is because he's put FBI folks behind bars. You know, I do think he is still looking at people at the FBI and others who lied in the Pfizer court weren't applications to surveillance spy on the Trump campaign. And I still think that's a possibility. You know, it would certainly be proper justice to hold people at the top, like mccabe and Comey and others. I mean, they signed off on these fisa warrants. Again, and again. They swore under penalty of perjury, the information was true. It wasn't true. I'll just give you one example. They vouched for the credibility over and over again of Christopher Steele. Yet, they didn't disclose to the court that they'd fired Christopher Steele as a confidential source for what for lying. So when you say to the goal, he's reliable in these credible, that's a lie. And they kept vouching for the veracity of the dossier when they knew and we now know that they knew that it was all a pack of

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