A highlight from #9 CPG Villagers: Trying to Get that Cushy Seat in the Judge's Game


He has it in his bio here, pronounce hand it check. Hand to check. Danny is a lawyer and a converted former MTT player who's now entering the cache game streets. Danny, how you doing sir? Welcome to the show. Doing great. Thank you. Thank you, honor to be here. We didn't talk about it in the pre, but when I looked back at all the other guests, you know, going all the way back to when you started to see we got help me with most bracelets ever. We got cop Brian koppelman who wrote and made rounders. The biggest cash game crushers on the planet coon and Phil gallop on and jungle man. Main event winners and then poker, nobody. I can hear I can hear the I can hear people turning off their podcasts as we speak right now being like, who? Nana. I'll listen to something else. Hopefully, hopefully not, but hopefully not, but I'm gonna do everything in my power to make it a sexy title so that people click and they're like, I took too much energy getting here. I made three clicks. I can't start these things. Honored to be here for sure. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure win. And I love these episodes because as I was telling you in the pre interview that gives me a chance to get to know the villagers, you know, my people, much better, and that's great for me. And I think for the listener to the aspiring poker player, people that are on a very similar journey or trajectory to themselves, I think they identify with. And so I think it is important to have you all on and tell your stories, talk about your struggles and what you've learned over your years of chasing poker greatness. So from there, we'll start out with talking about how did you get into the world of cards? A long time coming. I mean, I grew up in a family, my mom's parents, so my granny and Papas, we called him on my mom's side. Lived in the Akron Ohio, they made frequent trips to the mountaineer casino, which was in, which is in West Virginia. And gambling was just in their blood. We're going to visit them. All the time, they had poker 5 car draw handheld little games that I remember playing all the time. They would play poker that not poker necessarily but the gambling blood kind of went down to my mom. She's always loved gambling and then that fell down to my part of the tree. So it's always been a little bit in my blood, but getting into specifically poker, probably started with me and my best friend who's also name is Danny. When we were younger, his dad would have big business parties at their house with all the business associates and people that work to their company and they would always turn into a poker game. At some point in the end of the night. And we'd be there just watching, watching money fly back and forth, watching them play games like night baseball, screw your neighbor, you know, all those sorts How is fun to watch? We were probably at that point and maybe ten 11. Watching that happen. And they would have it every year. So, you know, as we got older we saw it more. And every once in a while, he'd probably, I think there was a handful of times. He got to jump in the game and play for a little bit and things like that. So that was always fun. So that was kind of the first introduction again into poker. And then moving on to college, then it started to get a little more serious. Now it gets into the aspect of how poke revolved as we all know it in the public. It started to get involved there, but it was actually pretty moneymaker really is when I started to get into it, though. Yeah, you're 39 years old, so two years older than me. And so at that time, in college, that was pre moneymaker, probably around the year like 2000 or so. Yeah, graduate high school 2000 started in college in Chicago in 2000. And that was right when rounders was coming out. I think it came out in 2000 saw it and then that really just grabbed me as far as hold them and poker and was already a big mat Damon fan, loved to go to a haunted thing and still like my favorite movie of all time. And it was a story about a guy who was a lawyer, you know, which is something I was interested already in doing. And then playing poker and the skill aspect of it definitely jumped out. Like, oh, this isn't just a game you play drinking with your business associates and whoever gets lucky wins. There's actually some skill to it. And once I saw that, then the interest really popped as far as. Playing the game more seriously, studying, getting more involved and began to escalate from there.

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