A highlight from Episode 134: Chris Jericho 2001


Mister Jim Ross, God damn it. It's play fighting. Hello and welcome to grilling JR. This is Paul bromwell and I'm joined by the voice of wrestling. Mister Jim Ross, JR, how are you this week? I'm good. I'm good, Paul. Thanks for sitting in for the big boy. He's taking care of business, you know? He's ubiquitous. He's everywhere, and he's quite the entrepreneur. So Conrad, whatever you're doing, open successful and I'll rejoin each other soon. He's a busy big boy. You can say that again, my friend. Come on. You're busy as well, Jim all over the place between dynamite, full gear, lots going on in the AEW world. Lots going on in wrestling. Yeah, yeah, for good. Good news for some folks and not so good for others. You're referring I give assuming to the WWE layoffs. I am. I have to ask you, I wanted to talk to you about this before we get into this week is Chris Jericho 2001. But I wanted to talk to you specifically about some of this that's been going on, especially the last year. You sat in the chair, talent relations have had lots of difficult decisions over the years, but we have never seen anything like we have in wrestling in terms of releases like we have over the last 12 to 16 months. Well, you know, you've become a public company. It changes the ground rules. Throughout that, that whatever is the said company. And, you know, even though they had a huge profit, which is congratulations to them, but it was bad timing, I thought to come off the heels of a big announcement that announced great profitability in the third quarter, and now on the heels of minutes after you're finding out a lot of Dallas all of them are good soldiers. Their name came up, and you know what the criteria is? Is it creative? Is it issues that we're not aware of? Is it simply budgetary? Some people overstay their welcome. You know, I don't have a clue. I know that for all of them that got let go, they should not perceive this as the end of the world. Because it sure as hell isn't. There's just no way that you could frame that and say, well, you know, that's why we're going to do now honey. Christmas is here. We don't have any if you run your budget that close. Or you've got no, you know, a little stash of cash. Yeah. And after being after working full-time, you're not spending it on a lot of travel and P and a, T and E or TNA. Any other value in there, but you're able to save somebody and you're not working 5 days a week. So you should be able to save some money on your trance that wasn't picked up by the company. And I just don't believe that any of those talents should be thinking that I guess my run in wrestling is over. It's only going to be over if that is your choice. If your choice is that, well, you know, I don't know. Then you maybe you may have your own answers. Maybe it's not that important anymore, and you're willing to go do something else and explore other opportunities. I don't know that. But I know that one of the questions I used to ask tell us all the time is what is your plan B? And if they had no plan B and they gave me the old line about I love wrestling and this is all I've ever wanted to do and I'm living my dream. If I get to get a contract with you JR, blah, blah, blah. I used to question them on that. Because here's what happens. You get it to the process to this person that has one gold, and that is to be on WWE television. And if things don't work out, sometimes people take make stupid mistakes to try to rectify it or they become less of a team player. They're disappointed in the system. They're disappointed in what has happened. So the bottom line is, it's just all those individuals. Some of them could take time to work on their bodies. Some of them could take time to heal. God forbid they may want to spend more time with their family. And there is this little thing called the holidays coming up in December. So I feel badly for them. I sound like I might not, but I've been in this position. And I always never went into the next day saying what are we going to do? I always prepared for those rainy days. I'm a businessman. So and I think that's how they need to for my feedback. That's what I would look at. Take this time to better yourself. You know, get bigger stronger faster, rest, clear your head, be with your family. Common sense things. But I can tell you this, getting cut from the WWE or AEW or any other company, including companies called the National Football League. You get cut doesn't mean it's over. And I hope that they can bottom they listen and they know a lot dude. You know, I feel for you. But don't put yourself in a rabbit hole and say, I just go, I want to just get away from everything. I need time. Okay, if you need to, take time. But don't get up the next morning thinking, I just don't know what I'm going to do. This is horrible. Yes, it's horrible. But get over it. Get over it and move forward and prove yourself and try to regroup because there's a lot of folks doing wrestling right now. And if you're ready and willing and able and you're good, you're good locker room person and all that stuff. You know what the hell? That is shot. Something else is going to come around. So like I said, that's the main message I would give them. I don't know why all those people were cut. I like some better than others, just like anybody

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