A highlight from 631: Did Aaron Rodgers Lie About Getting Vaccinated? Hockey's 'Old Boys Club'


Jim. Jerome schmoozing up once again. Thank you for being with us. You look fantastic. Hope you enjoyed the show. James how're you stevie. I'm hung over. No no you're not yeah i. It's a food hangover. Okay i've lost. I lost a bunch of weight. I got down to seventeen. And then i got down under a buck. Ninety five sort of over the last several months seventeen how come. I haven't noticed that. Well i don't know. I don't know maybe it doesn't. It doesn't sit on my face camera instead. Pounds they say navon. I've even noticed. Yeah yeah. I don't like i say maybe there wasn't a bunch of weight on my face right. You know so you maybe didn't notice but anyway i'm i'm relaxing into my old eating ways. Stevie so so halloween to blame. How halloween starting. Some of it. But it's been going on for a while stevie so last night. Well i'll give you a typical night. When i'm when i'm looking like i'm gonna go back up to seventeen right okay so You know i live alone. Well i got my son live with me now. Which is great So it'll it'll i'll watch the sports You know last night was some hockey. Of course i'm watching the game. Six the world series where to go atlanta by the way i'd like to atlanta in that city in atlanta atlanta actually had a worse record than the jays this year. And they're the champs. Yeah yeah i know but it was. It was I i. I liked it more because you know sports. We always asked you on. See that team win or do you wanna see that other team lose right and so i was all about that. Houston getting getting trounced. So then stevie it's a take a little sleeping pill. But if i don't fall asleep it makes me hungry. And that was that's been the problem so last night was Okay a bunch of those candies okay. Those small chocolate bars. You know like a dozen stevie not a problem to knock off okay. Some of those just like the dow up the you know shoving them into my gaping mock thou all right and then i've had enough of that sound effect and then the half bag of cheese you know. I'm sitting up watching my ipad. I've gotta have the ipad. When i go to sleep. Okay got in bed with me. My girlfriend the ipad and watch netflix and stuff like that new and so then the bank. Of jeez i thought i better get up and eat three bagels stevie mccain. Why what i'm hungry. I'm hungry yeah and then between the three bagels steve. While i'm waiting for those to to toast up and you know how long that takes steve ninety seconds. Two minutes to okay. I'd better rip back a couple bowls of cereal the old atkins diet or something going on there jeez the anti atkins begging cheesy twelve chocolate bars. Three bagels you know. There's there's to have stevie of course you know on a bagel but three of them so six avs stevie so you're sitting there wondering why you're putting on weight there matlock. I can't anyway so today. Today's day of change. I'm i'm changing going back to walking right. I lost a bunch of weight. Because i was walking right. Thirteen k sometimes devi nobody lost. I play hockey with these laws. Lake eighty pounds and he did it on intermittent fasting combination of that and just basically unloading sugars and starches including brad and potatoes and rice and things like that pasta getting rid of that stuff and it just fallen off them. Looks great yeah. I'm a big white bread guy. Have a hard time even jedi guy and chocolate bar now other than that. You're just on. I can't really pinpoint stevie where they should be eliminating for my diet. The double crunch ruffles cheddar jalapenos. That's right tell me that. I'm going to start that shit for breakfast Let's get into some sports. Talk with descends. Finish up their road trip. They get three of possible six points. They fell in overtime in a in a pretty wild game. Pretty exciting not very well played not very defensively responsible. All in all but Minnesota comes away. The five four overtime win and Their sense of their goaltending issues are trying to figure out if they should give the number one job to the kazillionaire or the kid. The kid could jillian air and so we're keeping an eye on that. But i wanted to talk about. I think the story of the day is Aaron rodgers that he's basically He's tested positive for covert nineteen and it looks like he didn't get a vaccination even though he said he'd been vaccinated. Here's what aaron rodgers had to say. I don't know this has started the season back in the preseason when when asked about being vaccinated in in the united states

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