Doug Giles Tells Us About His Latest Book 'Psalms of War'


Back. I'm talking to none other than Doug Giles, GI Ellie S he has a new book out called sums of war. There it is, psalms of war with a picture of David in a sling, and who created that picture, Doug Giles. Yeah, man, I did. And a great pilot for an incredible carrier. I won't mention their names. Because they're in the throes of some legal battles over a forced jab. But anywho, he bought the original painting of king David. This is all young whippersnapper David as a teenager, queueing up to put a big hole in Goliath's forehead as a teenager Eric doing what men should do, but all the men are scared. Yeah. They're lining the rim of the valley of ela and they're afraid to confront Goliath because they see a monster that's too big to kill. And David saw a guy who's too big to miss. So, yeah, I painted that. And throughout the book, I've got 30 different paintings. And I've done some incredible stuff on the biblical bad boys of the scripture that a lot of people when they think, man, when they think about Jesus or the apostles or the prophets, they think that they're just bearded ladies. And these guys were rough cussing fishermen that were hardy that they would stare down monsters had stare down pharaoh. And they took all kinds of persecutions and beatings. And I tried to through my art depict them as dudes instead of these pale skin little indoor boys who drink. And or boys I've never heard that before. That is

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