Marc Morano: Most Countries Are in It for the 'Cold Climate Cash'


Welcome back to the man who told me more than anybody else about the climate hoax, Mark marano. I wrote about it, that moment in my second book why we fight. I have a photograph from the back of the rose garden for me. It had nothing to do with my remit national security. But it was my proudest moment in The White House when president Trump stood up in the rose garden, beautiful sunny June day, pulled us out of the Paris climate treaty called because it wasn't a treaty and said that the famous line that will echo down through the ages. I was elected by the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris, you're damn right. That's why the president removed us. The fact is, these things are absurd because they punish us and we are even cleaner today now thanks to president Trump than the requirements of the Paris accord, demanded of us whilst others like China and Russia are either unaffected unlimited or Mark. They get money from us to continue polluting. Am I missing something here? No, you're absolutely right. These countries are eager to come to the United Nations climate summit. So much so that they lifted the vaccine COVID vaccine mandate in Scotland. No, this is anywhere else you travel in Europe. You've got to have a 7 day at least in the U countries. You have to have a 7 day quarantine or 8 day quarantine, but they lifted it because they want these countries to come in because the only way they can entice them is with cold, hard cash. Of course, filtered through the United Nations. And the United Nations is seeking to pay the countries in the developing world who are best able to keep their citizens locked in poverty. This money will go to the leaders of these countries, not to do anything for the environment or to help their people. It's going to end up helping these leaders get reelected, building monuments, stadiums, ensuring their political machines are well funded. The UN knows politics. They are experts. They're not climate experts, but they're political experts. And this is the reason that you see all of these countries. In fact, the highest participation rates of these UN summits are usually African nations because they know the reason they're drawn there is the UN has offers of cold climate cash to go to these leaders around

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