Cheney, Pelosi Want to Distract Americans From Their Initial Conspiracy Against Trump


It's all coming together a little too late Will Liz Cheney working on behalf of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats what they're trying to do Is now distract the American people from this unbelievable effort that was undertaken Using the institutions in the federal government By the Obama administration colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign washing money through this Perkins coy law firm the bagman essentially being Mark Elias the same guy involved in these various elections with dark money supporting him And this is really quite remarkable In the man now who is providing Joe Biden with advice on national security Jake Solomon was up to his eyeballs in it As were most of these people quite frankly A complete fraud A criminal investigation congressional hearings dayne and day at a tax on Donald Trump when the whole thing Was this dirty trick This dirty trick To destroy the confidence of the American people in the newly elected president and in their system And they dare to attack Donald Trump for his tweets for his pushback and even over January 6th we had no direct role in anything

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