A highlight from Josh Alexander (October 20 2021)


Good evening. Everybody aiming evening and ham radio show the uncrowned kings around they. Radio live now for his cousin voice. Goudie you fat. I don't even. I don't even do a good You have his belly. Do fucking hitchcock ahead. Don't do this then. Nobody does a good here. Now it's like nobody does a good stallone do good stallone. Shut up seven eight five seven seven. Thirteen eighty nine. Is the ham radio show. Like i say good evening. Even he wanted to do this role. Did we figure out the fee while having the feet words. No you gotta go to. I'm gonna have to read my. I'm telling you that. Facebook wants to change their name. Everyone's abandoned and join the gotta change their name. They're gonna change all right so i can. I can now look. I have got to turn the volume down totally on this. All right here we go so now. I read the comments at least and he's in a bad mood. Dig other shocking. I'm not in a bamboo because fucking an tina's here so we tina filling in for the tri-state talent search. Luca's look at her. Why would i mean a fucking bad mood. Who's our guest. Our guest tonight. Josh alexander the number one contender for the impact wrestling world heavyweight champion will defend that right and take on christian cage bound for glory of man that he put him in the leg. Lock in he don't know shit about wrestling but i'm glad he's here. Yes you're gonna kicking very good. Mary nice their nice teen. Say hot everybody. Battling teen put her on the. She's better looking than major. Put her on the ham kam. Only teams meany. I'm kidding they used to be a kid. I hung out with and used to say to me. Tina she likes to suck the weiner that was a mean. I s i tonight. I yeah he likes. This had to be easy for me to a song and everything. No one is actually tina. Uh she likes it in between Song parodies any of it. You gotta see husband added any versus so what you're saying. The song is accurate. You do like to suck the weiner yes and you do like it in between you yes. You're much further back just front door front door finder that's a fallacy. No women. i hadn't sick that only let me go to the back door. Because same marriage one hundred eighty million horseshoe. I choose story about a lady in the back door. will we one day. We'll you wanna tell you about my back story. A little bit tina. Little tina has tasted the forbidden fruit for many a tree. She has liquor license. she's alaba that would be heard a dinosaur name. A lot of She she has but she also does like the cock so she but she is now veered away from the post as much as i know. I don't know if what you're into now because you are married and having have a little child can have awesome three ways. I don't know what you're doing now. However they were very lucky husband mother. Who do that any. We don't do that anymore. Which strictly tickling. We're going to church. This is now yelling. Regina stop at the art so as such so you have experienced the ladies yes so now talking about the back door i was with a lady we were doing and i slowdown explain. You were doing for my personal benefits. I can play this later and masturbate. Any has dreamed of banging you. Yeah that's a long sort of years. Oh absolutely not we will make out you know and now trying to go to the next stage here and i want to pull down my pants. No no she says not in the front you yes. She told me just in the back and i was like what i'll also just just eating at the toys at komo joined understand that when she in the front i nothing in harvey jonah. Push back that she you to toss her salad or nothing lived on. That's what that's what. I tell you the one. That's in all the years i've never never had a woman refused a finger. Diddle elect nothing. She was like nope. Just the back talked. I would take a finger. that's what she enjoyed. Yes sure we're all fantasizing about and. I'm sorry i had a one one who loved it. We end up soon as we got in the best laid on the stomach. These seven years old found any joke is nobody wanted to give you in the poopers. Booty booty bandit for a while and that was actually wore masks getting cape. I don't know the told no. It's an exit wife fucking drink aluminum. I try them. Let me tell you. I tried it all under drink this book. I'm all i'm saying is and i will refer to this. Tina is ear and she knows there are definite women who enjoy the back door more than the front door. I mean they exist. Yo it's not shangri la and i'm looking for the abominable snowman. I'm sure they exist. Sodas exists is just about the duck that many. Oh kyo is never come across. Them would soon give this poor man anal please for the price of a cup of coffee out. I was getting a blowjob once from it. Shakes told me. Let them know. When i was coming when i was coming as he stuck a finger my ass i came double. I've heard that ours are g. Spot is in the. But that's that's a known thing for dude. What the fuck was that. Joe you never. You never heard of state not in marriage. Should've capa- batances doctor. Tell me when you're gonna come look. It happens from time that we have to you know. Tell joe how things actually work in the world and there are women enjoyed in hainan. Joe's different different women ain't even suck nothing you know i actually before. Birth control became sexually harassed women. No joe's old no. I have to wake now going up the acid fourteen fifteen. Now he's young. yeah they are. I didn't get no assets. I was twenty five. Couldn't walk screen for a week. How we chevy bay negotiate right. Anybody could move displaced

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