Superman Comes Out of the Closet, Gets Woke


I see we've triggered the libs. They can't stand it that I think having a gay Superman isn't the best business move. I guess they understand much better because they did so well with the work efficacy of Star Wars didn't they, and I dread the next Indiana movie. Oh my gosh, Indiana Jones. We shall see. But let's listen to the logic behind what they're doing. This is super van writer Tom Taylor on CNN. He's so excited about woke you find the most famous superhero cut in. And you said, man, if you're going to make a new Superman, what should that look like? And it struck me as it would be a real opportunity lost if we had another we had clock replaced by another straight white savior. So here was an opportunity to create a Superman who could represent a whole new group of people. And I think that was one that we had to leave them. And will be addressing modern day issues like. The climate crisis like refugees, John in the last issue has just been arrested attending a protest trying to stop the reform of asylum seekers. Yeah, who needs a white heterosexual superhero? I mean, that's not really what western civilization needs. And we've got to fight. The next super villain is going to be what the weather?

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