North Korea says its sub-launched missile didn't target US


Yes, so this is an interesting story because Korea has been South Korea has been a relatively burner when it comes to the launching of heavier satellites in orbit. And given the fact that over the past few weeks, we've had so much about the recent missile tests that North Korea was conducting. It's interesting that today what we are hearing about is not North Korea, but for ones is actually South Korea. It was launched, was going to be launching one of these rockets. This afternoon well, afternoon in Korea time anyway. And if successful really mark a very important point in South Korea joining that small club of countries that can launch the Javier satellites in space. Also suggesting that the commitment to the past few years in the South Koreans to develop the basic means and technology to join the capacity at the very least to increase their monitoring and surveillance activities in addition to one of the considerations and technology from space. At that moment is coming. And that moment is likely to be disaster noon. Alessio, thank you very much indeed. This is the globalist stay tuned.

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