Mike Chats With Chad Prather, Republican Candidate for Texas Governor


I was first introduced to Chad pray that when I heard about his book, am I crazy and unapologetic patriot takes on the insanity of today's woke world. He's our kind of person. Chad prather is an American conservative political commentator, comedian and Internet personality. That's the official bio. He's also a Texas gubernatorial candidate and been described as sort of a modern day Will Rogers. Chad has great meaning and thanks for joining us here on the Mike Gallagher show. How you doing? Hey, Mike, it's good to be with you. I'm a big fan of the show love what you do. I appreciate you having me on. Well, I'm a big fan of your show and your work as well. Your podcast is terrific. And your book, two thirds of the way through because I need some affirmation that I'm not the crazy one. My late wife Denise used to say, we had a running joke. If you're crazy, do you know it? And I think it's a fair question. So when, for example, the New York City council votes unanimously to remove the statue of Thomas Jefferson because he owned slaves. When Lori Lightfoot poses maskless in a crowd full of people indoors violating her own mask mandate, all these things that keep happening over and over again, you and I know they're crazy, but Chad the $64,000 question for you as we begin this conversation, do they know they're crazy? I think the asylums are empty, Mike, I think they're running the street, not just running the street, but they're creating the policy and the culture we're living in. Unfortunately, we've given them a big voice. No, they don't know they're crazy. They think that this is their ideal. They think that they're doing something really good for the planet and doing things for the world that is absolving us all of our great sins of the past and history. Now, I think we're all at some level on the insanity spectrum. We have to be a little bit crazy just to make heads or tails of what we're seeing across the

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