The best Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors


Who may not have watched the event. The pixel 6 was the new phone. It's 5.99. The pixel 6 is smaller, 6.2. 6.1, I think. Let's 6.1 less of a camera. I know no third camera, no ultra wideband, a very sad about that. And your option was also the pixel 6 pro for 8.99 bigger screen. You're right. The lens. 6.2 inches in 6.7. But this is confusing. So explain this diagram. 6.2 inches tall, 6.4 inches displaying, maybe? Diagonal. Diagonal. Diagonal. Okay. So it's 6.4. That is really a strange way to talk about it, but okay. What color did you get Stacy? I got the coral hoping it's less pink and more orange. That's why I didn't go with it because I'm thinking it didn't look like this pixel four. It was really cool. I put a case out on my phone, so it doesn't really matter. 5.99 is, by the way, I should point out, I think a very good price for a flagship phone. Excellent.

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