Can Liberals Name One Good Thing Joe Biden Has Actually Done?


But this is who Joe Biden is He has this vacuum of a soul He's clearly not content with his history of failure and who he actually is So he creates a sybil like all alternative personality He thinks nobody will call him out on it He's done it his whole life And it's an issue because he's currently the Pino the president name only And we're stuck with this rotting bag of bones Who can't seem to make a decision that's correct I mean can you tell me to the Democrats listing I'll ask you this question because Republicans already know the answer The answer is no there aren't any But to the Democrats who listen to the show maybe you know saying there's some sane ones left out there right Can you tell me one thing this guy has done right since he's gotten an office I'm gonna show I got a segment coming up Tomorrow night of my Fox show This is an unintended plug I promise But I should just leave it for the show I'll tell you what the heck So Jim this was I have the best producers They had a great idea One of them said to me what if we did this segment about Trump the prophet You know how Trump was right about all this stuff And I joked back I said remember Nostradamus I said what if we did a second called Trump stradamus like Trump was right so they're like dude that's awesome Let's do it Now it's fine I get it it's funny I know that you know left this nut so be like kissing Trump's You know they're losers And you know we ignore them anyway But the segment's really on the show How all of these decisions Biden made that Trump warned them not to make He made anyway and now has to rethink the decision and go back to the Trump policy It's not just one thing I'll go through a bunch of them remain in Mexico the stand storage China all this stuff Trump warning you all hey you voted Biden by nomics gonna be a disaster You're gonna see this massive tank in the economy And that's exactly what

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