New Survey Says Millennials Are Adopting Marxist Views


One one American Marxism Which had been number one on The New York Times Best Seller list for ten weeks in a row remains on The New York Times Best Seller list Number three last week Number three this week So that's three months Three months That's you That's people who are interested parents Taxpayers People from all walks of life And so this drew my attention and the Washington times by Sean salalah it's called U.S. adults increasingly accept Marxist views polls shows A millennials are especially likely to espouse Marx's views on private property and race The survey shows the U.S. adults especially millennials increasingly endorse Marxist views such as the rejection of private property and traditional morality Even though they don't adopt Marxism as a label Now this goes to the core of what I keep talking about We must stop calling people progressives Or socialists This is about Marxism ladies and

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