Matt Walsh Describes Event Being Cancelled at Saint Louis University


What happened with that mad You were going out to this is supposed to be I believe a Catholic university and you were supposed to give a speech and did I read this story correctly that they tried to cancel you out there at a Catholic university for doing like Catholic stuff Did I read that right Oh you did Multiple times And I'm Catholic myself and I was invited to speak at a Catholic university on the pro life issue And as most people know the Catholic Church has a firm position on that issue and says that abortion is intrinsically evil which it is So you would think it's like a match made in heaven I can go and talk about this But the most hostile reception I've ever received was at this Catholic university And the second most hospital have to say was also at another Christian university So what does that tell you And we are kicked out of one venue and we went and then the church on campus said okay we'll take you And then there was a petition that was started against me in the faculty and staff signed a statement saying we don't want him And so then the church apologized for inviting me and they kick me out too and we landed on our third venue which was just across campus It was actually technically off campus across the street from the campus And I did the event It went great but we had must have been a hundred or more leftist protesters who showed up to my event blocking traffic protesting And I did there's video that I went out to the street to talk to them to this hoard And I guess they weren't expecting that I walked out to the street just to say hello And they all started backing away and I told them to get off the street and they did and that was kind of nice But the fact that at a Catholic university this is not just like an attack on differing points of view and on free expression It's that also But it's even worse because this is the expression of moral truth that we shouldn't kill babies fully in line with Catholic teaching and that that wouldn't be welcome on a Catholic campus is really really sad and

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