Jeffrey Toobin Probably Thinks Life Is Good, Compared to Chris Cuomo


Because if I'm Chris Cuomo at CNN, I'm looking over at Jeffrey toobin and I'm saying you kept that guy on? But you're firing me? I don't know that I'm even gonna get into the details of Jeffrey toobin. Look it up. It's really bad. Let's put it this way. Jeffrey toobin did something that I don't think any of us in the workplace could get away with. Anybody who did what Jeffrey toobin did in a normal work environment would be fired. Not him. He's still the CNN legal analyst. He was on the set last night when Anderson Cooper announced the indefinite suspension of Chris Cuomo. He's got to be sitting there thinking. Life is good, baby. Look what I got away with. Good luck. I'll tell you somebody who didn't drop to his knees and cry on consolidate about Chris Cuomo is Jeffrey toobin. You know, he's just in there thinking life is good.

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