Biden Says 'Lockdowns' Not Needed to Curb Coronavirus Variant


John Kennedy, well, let's start with Justin Trudeau, premiere of Canada. I'm a crime is actually in Canada. Not in the United States yet. Cut number 19. Obviously, we're watching very, very closely at the situation with el Macron. We know that even though Canada has very strong border measures now. We need vaccinations to come to Canada. We need pre departure tests. We do testing on arrival. There may be more we need to do, and we'll be looking at it very carefully. Are we going to ban more flights? Are we going to ban more many walked away? Because he doesn't know any more than you know other than Moderna CEO says we're screwed. Joe Biden, Dakota county, Minnesota went up there, and this is what he said cut number 20 from the president. As I told the American people yesterday, this new variant is a cause of concern, but not a cause to panic. On Thursday, I'll put forward a detailed strategy outline in how we've gone, we're going to fight this COVID this winter, not with shutdowns and lockdowns with more widespread vaccination. Boosters testing a much more. In the meantime. It sounds to me like deputy president Ron klain got the President Biden. And said, here's what we're going to do. It's what I'm doing. Urge everyone to get vaccinated because Delta is out there. And delta could kill you. We have about 850 deaths a day average right now in the United States. They're all Delta. And the vast majority of them are people who aren't vaccinated. You want to play poker with your life. I can't talk you out of it, but we're a long past having the government shut things down and closed schools because the cost of those are now well known and they're terrible.

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