A highlight from #55 Tactical Tuesday: Going For Thin Value At 1kNL


Today is a tactical day in deed. I'm joined by John. This is our post Thanksgiving, tactical Tuesday and so because of that, we're both quite sleepy and full of food and we're only going to break down one hand today instead of the usual two. It's a good hand though. I think we'll at least have two hands worth of excitement. So I hope and if you notice John is not in his normal normal comfort of his own home right now, he's off traveling. He's only played 7 hands of poker over the last week or two. Fortunately for him, he's lost like 7 buy ins in those 7 hands. It's just a solid like minus 500 big blinds per hundred this week. Yeah, it's great. Well done, congratulations. You never play poker while you're traveling surrounded by family or in an uncomfortable environment. Things just at least in my experience, they just never tend to go well. Somehow run into way more sets than usual. And when I'm in that environment. Yeah, it's better to just, you know, if you're going to take off for a couple of weeks, spending time with other people just outside of your own element, probably better to just fully take that time off to recharge and get excited about playing poker when you get back home. So yeah, let's break down this first hand this only hand of today's tactical Tuesday. It's an ace and a 9 of different suits. So, yeah, let's fire it up. Yeah, so this starts with me in the cutoff with ace of clubs, 9 of spades, I open to $22. This is going to be pretty close to the bottom of my offshoot asics opening range. And the big blind who is a reg defense calls the $22. See a flop of 9 8 8 with two clubs. I thought puppet pop kicker and the back door not flush draw. I start out with a small rage seabed and see that third pot, so just over $15. Do you want to talk about this swap and whether you think it's, I don't know, whether you think this is a board that you'd be building a range on? I doubt it. I don't think I would be submitting range. I think I'm probably doing a fair amount of checking on this board, honestly. Overpays, maybe this hand specifically, I'm a fan of checking. Specifically. Because on the surface, it looks like a good hand Tibet. It looks like it could get tons of value from more hands. How are you deciding which good hands to check back? So the good hands to check back, I guess would be hands that block that a lot of their check raise bluffs. So like Jackson tens, those type of hands like this hand specifically doesn't really block their check raises. So I think that betting it is fine. Like betting it and then effectively calling down is pretty much what you're what you're playing is going to be. I think that you are going to get check raise at a high ish frequency here on the flop. And so I would be prepared for that, especially when you start out with a third. So like, I don't know. I think you could bet or check and either one is just going to be totally fine. For simplifying purposes like checking back and then calling down is like playing this hand for two bets instead of possibly four bets. Which would be my preference. But okay, so then if you are on the swap and playing your seat betting strategy, would you be betting small like the size of the one third size that I went for would you maybe have a larger size given that you're doing way more checking back than I am? It sounds like. I would still use a small size like I'm fine with getting raised. I think I'm going to get raised a fair amount. And I think that when I do get raised, I'll have an equity advantage with this hand. So yeah, I think the hands that continue facing the big bet are hand center are likely to check raise facing the small bet and then we get multiple bets like on the turn and river. We've got a lot of visibility for calling down, just got a really good handle on how to play those spots. So I start out small because facing the raise is not disaster. So if you start out big and get raised, then you're kind of in no man's land. I think at that point, that's sort of like a lot of question marks. Gotcha. Okay, final question on this flop. What are the non strong hands that you're checking back? What are the weekends that are the weaker parts of your range that you're checking back on the swap? I mean, some like Quintana and queen Jack, I think those type of hands maybe some ace highs, probably betting a lot of my king highs, but I think I could check those back too. I think that I mean, honestly, it's just gonna be a mix for me as it relates to the hands that I check back. I'm doing a fair amount of checking. And I think that like versus double check, I'm going to start betting. So like, you know, that's another thing. You can check back some weekends and then just fold them to a turn bet and then just go bet bet, if you don't turn any equity. So I think that's reasonable too. My hands are like king Jack high. I'm totally fine, checking back flop, and then investing two more bets on the turn of the river on this board facing a double check because I think that it's likely going to be over folded. So I don't know. It's a very flexible situation where I think you can take a wide variety of actions and again the one that puts me in no man's land where would require me

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