Tommy John, Dan Bungie And Roger Stone discussed on The Dan Bongino Show


Admitting that American satellites are being attacked every day That's great news Let's talk about it today after four John Howell WLS AMA 90 America lend of the free home of the Dan bungie no show You know the news is heavy the news cycles always have especially when you do a political opinion show like this But sometimes you get those moments in levity those funny moments Roger Stone brought us one of those yesterday I'm gonna play that audio coming up in a second Right Guy cracks me up He's on Tucker Carlson show Just unloaded on CNN which really made me kind of chuckle a little bit Let me get to this first Stuck on what to give your friends and family this year wishing them a merry I wish them a merry softness and happy new rear with the new comfy underwear loungewear and pajamas from Tommy John It's a big fan of Tommy John way before they were a sponsor When your loved ones started they weren't Tom each other that much more comfortable So they can do everything better Tommy John their lounge wears luxuriously soft tried blended micromodel fabrics mean four way stretch and Nolan balls or fuzz With over 17 million as million pairs sold given the gift that Tommy John underwear and loungewear has become a holiday tradition for families across the country 97% of women and men love getting a gift from Tommy John Paula buys me some Tommy Johnson I'll leave that right there That's why Tommy John doesn't have customers They have fanatics I love wearing my Tommy John 'cause the comfort levels off the charts You should get

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