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Our reach And the bad news for you is your ain't getting rid of me man I'm going to keep calling you all the time because there's a lot of other things we can do You can do and help me to get done You just tell me point me in the direction and I'll follow I just received a briefing from doctor Collins and Fauci and doctor Lawrence tie back as well as doctor Julie ledgerwood And I appreciate it very much My only regret was it was a short meeting so I because I was coming and speak I think we'd all benefit more if we hadn't made my speech short and spent more time with these docs But as they study all Macron variant just that we have just two cases reported here in the United States But as I explained on money this new variant is caused for concern but not panic We know there'd be neither be cases Of this crime here in the United States And it's here But we have the best tools the best vaccines in the world the best medicine and the best scientists in the world We're going to fight this variants with science and speed not chaos and confusion Just like we beat back COVID-19 in the spring and more powerful variant delta V in the summer and fall As a result we entered this winter from a position of strength compared to where America was last winter Last Christmas fewer than 1% of

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