Anthony Fauci Tells George Stephanopoulos to 'Prepare for the Worst' Despite Mild Symptoms


Now with this in mind and Fauci knows nothing Now it's absolutely nothing He's on every Sunday show Harriet get Fauci my God the ratings are down We gotta hyper Kanaan everybody Come on Come on Let's go So here he is Tony Fauci on ABC's this week with weak stephanopoulos 8 cut a go Like to be seeing more lockdowns again new lockdowns more mandates Why does he jump to this How about what do you know when did you know it and what can you tell us No no no Should we expect to be seeing more lockdowns again new lockdowns more mandates Yes yes more tyranny More totalitarianism Yes This is your media today Corrupt as hell Just corrupt narcissists ego maniacal egomaniacs and what does Fauci say go You know I don't know George It's really too early to say we just really need to as I've said so often prepare for the worst and it may not be that we're going to have to go the route that people are saying We don't know a lot about this virus So we want to prepare as best as we can but it may turn out that this preparation although important may not necessarily push us to the next level What is the preparation exactly What's the preparation What do you want us to do What do you want to get vaccinated Well they just said Half the people who got it in South Africa under 40 and were not vaccinated Do you know what that means mister producer Can't the people were

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