Why Kyle Rittenhouse Should've Never Gone to Trial


Where my brain goes with this stuff, it's sort of like saying Supreme Court declares one plus one equals two. And everybody cheers. And there's a side of me that says, why are we cheering? Like we know one plus one equals two. The only horror is that we needed to hear what the Supreme Court said on it as though they didn't themselves know that one plus one equals two. At that point right now. Roger Kimball wrote a brilliant column about this. Kyle rittenhouse, that should case never have gone to trial. We had high definition video of leftist thugs chasing them through the streets yelling, kill him, kill him, kill him. We had video of someone clubbing him with a skateboard. We had video of someone pointing a gun at him. When he shot those three psychotics, one of whom was a pedophile. It was obviously self defense. He was even this. This is like my brain explodes. You say one of whom was a pedophile. Okay, a child rapist. Now, if you're following the news, many people already know this. But I think it bears repeating since we've not addressed this issue. Talking about things that are so confusing. In other words, it's not an issue of Kyle rittenhouse is chased by some people or whatever. The people chasing him are the sort of characters that anybody would say are super bad people. Not anybody Eric, not anybody, the mainstream media were to say calling them heroes. A Democrat legislator saying, they were a group of heroes. They were antiracist activists and Kyle rittenhouse cross state lines illegally with an AR-15 attack. Assault weapon and killed them. None of which is true. They will have no we know, don't take for granted or the old maybe your listeners don't know this because you're the only person saying it. If they read MS MSN, if they watch NBC, if they watch CNN, they don't know any of this. They think he was a white nationalist who carried a gun across state lines and murdered people. None of which is true. He didn't carry a gun across state lines. He shot himself defense. He wasn't a white nationalist. They were white communist thugs trying to murder him trying to burn down a used car dealership of some small businessman.

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