Author Lee Strobel: We Are More Than Our Physical Brains


Folks I'm talking to Lee strobel, who's the author of a new book called the case for heaven, a journalist investigates evidence for life after death. I am so fascinated by this. You were just about to say something before we went to the break. Well, you made a very important point error, which is that we're not reducible to our brain. We are more than our physical brain. And how do we know that? Because there's a difference between our brain our physical brain and our consciousness, our mind or our spirit, our soul. And the example that was given to me by the neuroscientists from Cambridge University who I interviewed, doctor Sharon Derek's PhD from Cambridge, who have well-known neuroscientists who wrote a book called am I just my brain and the answer is no, you're not. But she gave an illustration. She said, what if there was a woman named Mary? And Mary was the world's leading expert on vision. She understood the physical makeup of the eye how it was constructed, the physics, the chemistry, how the eye functions how images are carried through the optic nerve, how the brain processes that. She understands it better than anybody in the world. But she's blind. What if all of a sudden for the first time, Mary received her eyesight? At that moment, would marry learn anything new about vision. Yeah. She wouldn't be able to see she'd had the first person experience of seeing no amount of knowledge about the physical working of the eye and the brain would get married to that point of that first person experience of seeing. And so consciousness and the brain are not the same thing. Consciousness or they soul or the spirit don't is distinct from the human brain. Whenever you hear people talk about the idea that the brain is a computer, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you say, what is consciousness? I mean, this is heavy stuff. Yeah. But when is it that you become conscious, computers are not conscious? How big does a computer have to be before it makes the leap to consciousness? It will never make the leap to consciousness. Because that a brain is different from a mind. And when you're talking about this, I mean, this is very heavy and there are scientists who have really puzzled over this and there are some people who just sort of assume that, well, of course, we live in material universe, but that leap, it's an infinite leap. You can never make the leap from computer to

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