Unpacking the Single Worst Poll for Democrats With Pollster Richard Baris


With us right now is a friend of mine and he reached legend status in the Pantheon of heroes of the Charlie Kirk show as he went to like two a.m. on the night of junkins win and the near win in New Jersey. He's a good man, big data poll, he's smarter, and better looking than Nate silver. It is Richard barris Richard. Welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. Hey, Charlie, thanks for having me on. Happy Thanksgiving. You too, every time you know I have to mention Nate silver. It's important. So it is. You guys came out with some very compelling new polling, what's going on? I want to go piece by piece. So go through it methodically, the floor is yours. So, you know, the birds eye view here, Charlie, is that the issues are just really coming around to bite Joe Biden. Come on, your show, others, and I've been saying this for months that Joe Biden's approval rating in the beginning of his presidency was artificial. And what I meant by that is that he never received time marks on any issue except for COVID to include the economy and that once it became clear that COVID was a pandemic, and the president did not have that much authority over a virus particle that that would be an impossible campaign promise to keep, and he would begin to collapse. As that has happened, some votes his numbers. So now for the first time, we do have them below 40, 39.8, which is we always do decimals. And that is, you know, trending right along with his COVID approval, which is now a majority disapprove. And he's barely struggling to be in the forge. So Richard, who the heck are these 39% of America that thinks Biden's doing a good job? Yeah, you know, there's most of them, honestly, are Democrats holding on, even though there was definitely fracture this month in his approval among

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