A highlight from #53 Tactical Tuesday: Using Pio To Learn How To Respond To Opponents That Under-Bluff


Can subscribe. I have no earthly idea how this is going to go audio wise. So if it goes to hell in a handbasket, send your angry emails to John at tactical Tuesday Yeah, we definitely are going to be throwing the audio, the podcast listeners under the bus a little bit in this episode. But yeah, I mean, if you guys like this episode, then it was my idea. And if this ends up being terrible, then as Brad, so you just made me realize that I need to go buy the tactical Tuesday dot com URL and somebody somebody else already owns it. I have no idea. Something like military equipment website or something. Yeah. It's going to thank me for the traffic that I just sent their way. Okay, John. So this is all you, man. I'm going to throw you under the bus, holy and completely. So break down this. Well, you're going to look at one hand today and kind of the plan for this episode is to very briefly look at this somewhat standard hand that I played last night, and then use pio to kind of tweak the river and just basically examine the river to see how a villain under bluffing or over bluffing might change my river decision. So we'll just get started with the hand and then do pile in the second act of the episode. The sand starts with a button open, I three bet the small blind with pocket queens, the button calls. We're only 7 hands into this session at the stable. So we have no stats on the button. I start with a small range bet on this ace king deuce rainbow flop. I guess for the podcast podcast listen, I have Queen of clubs queen of diamonds. The suits aren't terribly relevant, I think. But the flop is ace king deuce rainbow. I see about small, the button calls we're leaving out sizings. I mean, but one K and L everything is pretty standard up to this point on the flop. It looks like you bet like quarter bot? Yeah, quarter. Yeah, look a quarter pot on the flop. All right, so there's three 73 in the bot on the turn. Three 43 and you have 8 73. So what's next? Turn pairs the king. Right. So now the board is ace king deuce king. I am going to be checking range one second. Pairs on the turn. So I check the button stabs turn for a third pot. I call the river is the 8 of spades. I check the river going to be doing this with all the hands that check all the turn. And the button jams the river for about 1.5 X plot. And I fold I don't think this hand is particularly exciting in itself. But what I thought would be kind of cool to look at is kind of make some assumptions about this button. And how he is playing relative to equilibrium. So I think the first step would be to see how what my hand wants to do. What pocket queens wants to do on the river in equilibrium and then let me just give my opinion on the spot before we dive in a pile too. Just to and we haven't node locked and ran this spot yet. So I actually haven't even looked at the pile output. But I would say that what Queen suits do you have? You have the diamonds in the clubs. So. The first thing is that you don't block either one of the king queens, with your exact hand. But they're gonna have the offsets. You think they're gonna have full offset king queens as well? Yeah, button versus small blind I would expect. So how many combos have offsets do they have? To four combos? Okay. So they have king of king of hearts, queen. Queen of fades. Yeah. So that's only one officer combo. King of hearts, queen of Spain. Only offset combos. But they're going to have the suited compost too. Right, right. Okay. So basically, are they going to how many combos do they have here? Like one, two, three, four, four combos? Of king queen? Yeah. Four compass a king queen, king Jack suited two combos, and king ten suited two combos. So 8 combos of king X, most likely king Jack off is generally a fold. But if they have that, then that's like four extra combos. But we're an a combo of value. They'll also have deuces. So 11 value combos available bluffs are probably going to be you block a lot of the available bluffs with Queen of diamonds Queen of clubs. The backdoor draws. So villain would have to be turning a hand pocket pair into a bluff basically. Yeah, or Jack ton suited. Right. Jack didn't. We're trying to figure out how to reach bluff catch threshold, right? How many how many combos of bluffs do they have? So they have a 8 combos of pure value. We can actually say probably like ten combos of value if they do slow play aces. Because I think ASUS is a hand that makes a lot of sense here. If they don't for Beth and pre, which a lot of villains these days are not four betting. Maybe they're listening to tactical Tuesday and not pure for bedding. What about a hand like pocket 8s?

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