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The pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the qualifying bomb show hour two podcast. We have already had a conversation with Charles Barkley, a 30 minutes ago. And now Joe tessitore, who is on the call tomorrow night for the egg bowl on Thanksgiving. Joe, great to welcome you back to the program. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and really cool to have you with us on this. Thanksgiving eve. How Happy Thanksgiving to you and Linda and to all the fine Bond viewers out there very excited to spend the Thanksgiving deep into the SEC. What I think is just one of the better egg bulls we've had in some years. It reminds me a little bit of some of the juice we had going into that 2014 game Paul. Yeah, Joe I mean, I know we talk about the iron bow and you were the co executive producer of roll tide Rory ego, so I don't need to educate you on that robbery, but this rivalry in recent years has really eclipsed the iron bowl for unbelievable drama. You know, I think in listen, Alabama auburn has bigger branding. Ohio State, Michigan has bigger branding. But I'm not sure there's a rivalry that has more pure vitriol and hatred and means more in terms of the identity within the state for the fan base and especially and you bring it up in terms of the recent history. Heck, we got a starting star quarterback at a Heisman contender in this game and a guy who's going to be a first round NFL Draft pick. Who all you have to do is go back to his freshman year. Remember what happened at the end of the third quarter, right? Matt corral throws the touchdown pass, helmets are ripped off. Punches are thrown. We got four players ejected. And to really understand the foundation of his career and to think about where it's gone. It's a fascinating story. We've got the chance our crew did to spend some time with him yesterday. And he said, I'm very careful as to what I say this week. Very, very careful. But he's the guy who's obviously matured a lot. He's very disciplined. He's an incredible leader. He's not so happy with how they play down the stretch of last week's game and what was a sandwich game. And the lack of offensive production compared to what we typically have seen on home this this year. So I think they're going to be firing off tomorrow. But on the other side, I think, Will Rogers does not get enough attention nationally Paul. I think this is a guy who's having his final year as anybody has had. And he's getting better each and every month. I think we're in store for an incredible prime time rivalry game on Thanksgiving night. Talking to Joe testator and Joe, the two coaches are interesting and it's been a theme really for a week and a half. We had laying on a last week and he likes to talk about how he does not hate the other guy. And I mean, I know Nick Saban follows the same blueprint, but in the egg bowl, you're supposed to hate the other guy. Yeah, I mean, the origin of why we have the egg ball is the fact that fans came out of the stands and we're picking up wooden chairs and hitting rival fans over the head with them. So that's well understood when it comes to this game. It's wild understood by the players too if you see the actions of recent years, not just what I just described in 2018. But I want to Elijah more and did a few years ago and time and time again on both sides of this. But lane and Mike, we talked to you yesterday our production crew. And they're staying in the course with what they've been saying. You know, lanes out there saying, hey, it's football. You really shouldn't just hate somebody else because of a certain school they went to or a certain school, they root for. Paul, that's how we make money, Paul. That is how we have an SUC network, isn't it? Because in this league, the fans do feel that way. And I think we're going to have a really rowdy atmosphere tomorrow night. A safe atmosphere, but around the atmosphere. Let's get to the field because you're so good at looking at film and I know you and Greg mix it up quite well together during the broadcast, but when you mention almost lately, they have been very banged up, but where are they physically right now for this game? I think they're better and I think, you know, they're going to have the receivers back at full strength. I think when you look at this game, you really look at the Mississippi state side of things because what you see is a team that as the year goes on, almost in year two of the likely offense we talked about at all preseason we saw early on, but now you really see it as the season goes on. The receivers comfort with Will Rogers of everybody being on the same page of understanding how the error rate system is supposed to work of it being understood with that silent communication of where to find the open space of how to run the routes. And you see, you see Rogers not just checking down to the running backs, not just taking what's available to them. But now you're getting the intermediate and you're getting the deeper shots taken and completed. And then they're running the ball a little better. You say, well, they don't even run the ball. Yeah, actually they do. And they're running it and this is something I think Greg mcelroy is going to show tomorrow as to how much more significant it is with some of their run concepts. And even DJ durk in the defense coordinator for ulmus said to me yesterday. He said it used to be you watch Mike's offense since every so often they'd throw in a run play just because he's bored. That's not the case anymore. So you're getting a more balanced offense. You're getting an offense that's playing at all three levels of the passing game. You're getting an offset has a quarterback who has a lot of confidence with his receivers. And then defensively, they're solid. They're really, really solid at all three levels. So they're a team that yes has had some ups and downs. Yes, it's taken losses, but is very, very capable of earning a win on their home field against the top ten team. Now, on the other side with all this, I really think last week you want to put a line through it Paul. I think you don't want to look at that Vanderbilt game and put too much into it. I think it's sandwich in between Texas a and M in this big rivalry game. What's on the line is so significant. It's not a given that it's the sugar bowl, but it's likely that it's the sugar bowl. And no matter you got to think you're playing for a new year 6, you got to think you're playing for something very special. You're playing for the first ten win seat regular season in program history. I expect old myths to be playing very hungry and very focused. Talking to Joe testator before we wrap up here about the egg bowl. Going back to where we began Joe because for a couple of years, everybody got into the act about the antics that go on. And then it's still continued. And I know that we're not hearing as much about it this week because it does seem like a calmer or especially because of their coaches, but is that a message that these coaches even bother to send now or do they just assume that the players know the mistakes of the past have been very costly? I wouldn't think so. You know, obviously they don't want penalties. They don't want stuff that affects a game. They don't want key players ejected from the game. But I think it's very hard to rain things in right before kick-off here. I think this is one of those where they're going to be ready to bust through the doors of each locker room to hit the field. Joe,

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