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From Bloomberg's European headquarters in London I'm Anna Edwards with this Bloomberg radio business flash European equity markets up by 7 cents of 1% The 3100 also up by around 7 tenths of a percent the cake came round at half a percent the settled acts up 7 tenths of a percent the ibex over in Madrid up by 9 tenths and 30 mil up by 8 tenths of a percent so we're moving to the upside on European equity markets As we mentioned a little earlier we're actually seeing that energy stocks and also travel and leisure stocks doing pretty well at energy stocks because we're seeing a higher oil price of 71 46 as the Brent price moves up by 2.3% travel and leisure stocks moving to the upside in particular low cost airlines despite the fact that we've got this Now pre departure rules applying to aviation and to our travel plans here in the UK So despite that we are seeing moves to the upside in some of these airline names EasyJet Ryanair IAG all moving higher today The yield on the U.S. ten year 1.37% a big focus on what's happening at the long end of the curve on a flattening of the long end or a collapse in the long end as some have put it at the dollar is a little stronger 20 two tenths of a percent to the upside on the dollar index the pound fairly flat one 32 43 That is a look at the that is a Bloomberg business flash Now here's Hannah George with more and what's going on around here Thank you Anna the U.S. may declare a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics CNN

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