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Israel's called up reservist, a mid air strikes and firing artillery rounds into the area. Hamas has launched hundreds of rockets into Israel. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says politics aside the loss of life, the loss of Children's lives. The loss of families Family members lives. Whether it's Palestinian lives or Israeli lives is incredibly tragic. The top Democrat and Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee are backing a 10 member independent commission modeled after the 9 11 commission to study what went wrong on January 6th while allocating $1.9 billion to address the security problems revealed by the insurrection, the panel will have subpoena power and an end of the year deadline to complete its work. The House is expected to vote on the proposal next week. I'm Tim McGuire. Coronavirus update. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP News MINUTE stocks closed the week higher. Even though the CDC is loosening guidance for wearing a mask. The message remains clear. Be careful is the pandemic over. I am cautiously optimistic that we're seeing

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