A highlight from 25 PS5 Games on the Way From PlayStation - Podcast Beyond! Episode 700



Beyond and hello everyone my name. Is jonathan dornbush. this is loki. He's not very happy. That i'm holding them up like this. But he's here to help us celebrate podcast beyond episode seven hundred and i'm joined this week by our official cast in not just. The dog joined this week by brian. Automata hi how are you happy beyond lucy. O'brien hello. I tried to wait. You're going to go to notice my satan praise. Everyone goes back. I mean yes look. I did it in a hurry. You're building it out. That's what that's what matters and we're also joined this week by max scoville on our seven hundred episode yet. Finally lucy has a set. That's what we've all been building up to over these seven hundred episodes together obviously all four of us But no we're we're here to celebrate upset. Seven hundred and for those who are watching live relied on aegean youtube and twitch Thank you to everyone. Who's tuning in and watching and celebrating with us. Live for those who are listening or watching to this after none of about sable really matter to you but Just sit tight and we'll get to the full episode in just a second. Please

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