Israel Steps up Gaza Offensive, Kills Senior Hamas Figures


I'm anthony davis israel on wednesday pressed ahead with a fierce military offensive in the gaza strip killing as many as ten senior hamas military figures and toppling a pair of high rise towers housing hamas facilities in a series of s strikes. The islamic militant group showed no signs of backing down and fired hundreds of rockets that rayleigh cities in just three days. This latest round of fighting between the bitter enemies has already begun to resemble and even exceed a devastating fifty day war in two thousand fourteen like that previous war. Neither side appears to have an exit strategy but there are key differences. The fighting has triggered the worst. Jewish arab violence inside. Israel in decades and looming in the background is an international war crimes investigation. Israel carried out an intense barrage of airstrikes just after sunrise striking dozens of targets in several minutes that set off bone rattling explosions across gaza. Strikes continued throughout the day filling the sky with pillars of smoke at nightfall. The streets of gaza city resembled a ghost town as people huddled indoors on the final nights of ramadan. The evening is usually a time. A vibrant nightlife shopping and crowded restaurants. Gaza militants continued to bombard israel with nonstop rocket fiber throughout the day. The attacks brought life to a standstill in southern communities near gaza but also reached as far north as the tel aviv area. About forty five miles to the north for a second straight day. Gaza's health ministry said the death toll rose to sixty five palestinians including sixteen children and five women. Islamic jihad confirmed the deaths of

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