Late Night TV, Politics, and Donald Trump


Behind the desk the story of late night is sponsored by noon. Donald trump was winning. He was winning all the counties that at he was winning the electoral college. I remember thinking. Wow it's real now. That moment for me was when the daily show with. Trevor noah started a lot. That was new started at that moment. An avalanche of politically charged humor came tumbling down late night television because no public figure since the start of late night in the nineteen fifties at ever ignited that combination of comedy inspiration and pure rage that donald trump did when he descended an escalator and ascended to the presidency. I'm bill carter and this is behind the desk. The story of late night in this edition. We're going to talk about. How late night got in a lather over. Donald trump and politics always attuned to whatever issues were dominating. The news with the president like this late night. Comedy found a new political gear full throttle and trump humor pretty much dan the late night landscape this morning. Donald trump asserted executive privilege over the mall. Report executive privilege of course is actually trumps favorite privilege right after a white male and mar-a-lago handicap bathroom was. You might expect. Trump has been tweeting a lot today. And you can tell. He's getting word because one of his post said they're finding biden votes all over the place in pennsylvania wisconsin and michigan so bad for our country. Do they're not finding votes. They're counting them briefly over the weekend. People started to notice that his hair is suddenly now white. it's completely white. The carpet now matches the supremacy

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