A highlight from Fearless: Poing Of View Is Everything


Everyone you're listening to superwomen. This is rebecca reading. A couple excerpts from my new book which is available for preorder on amazon. And it'll trump audible as well as on kindles thank urge you to head over there. Likely here rule number five point of view. Is everything look for the opportunities in front of you. How many times have you heard the phrase. What you see is what you get often enough. Every time i hear it and makes me feel like we're supposed to think that what's presented to us is all that there is. We're just supposed to take everything at face value. The truth is we all have a unique point of view so of what you see is what you get it all really depends on how you look at it and what you do with it. You could look at a box of mac and cheese and see dinner or you could look at that same boxy pasta and orange dye. What you see is what you have to work with. I've learned to take a good look at what's right in front of me and then switch up my angles. I wanna see every possibility. Not just the most obvious one. I had made it to new york and had landed my first real job in fashion. I was living the dream albeit with caroline margie as roommates. Nothing gives you the boost of confidence. You need to make it in new york city. Like a sexagenarian checking to see if you made your bed every morning. My form retaliation was stealing their leftover lentil soup and pasta after they had gone to bed. It's onset i loved every minute of it. Well almost every minute of it. Getting lost in the subway while freezing during the winter was a wake up. Call as i started to get more into the energy and flow of new york city. I tried new things. Gain ten pounds from eating bagels. Learn to love. Coffee met new people and even started to date. My tastes were very different. From those of the designer i worked for. He had established himself as a goto label for women who loved men shirts for women. The oh g. boyfriend shirt. And when i say boyfriend i mean like richard gere in pretty woman. Not sean penn in fast times at ridgemont high. His clients where the town sophisticates who shopped at the big name department stores and dressed for lunch meetings or more likely just launch in cream colored blouses and tailored pants. Maybe you've heard of craig taylor. His brand wasn't huge but it was a successful business with retail accounts across the country and a very loyal fan base. the brand wasn't featured in all the glossy fashion magazines but it was respected in the fashion industry. I was grateful. I wanted to understand fit and fabrics and all of the technical aspects. I needed to learn about how to build a brand with a strong foundation from both a business and a collection perspective. Instead of working for someone who's footsteps. I wanted to follow. I found myself working for someone who could show me the steps. And then i could make my own way back then. My personal style aspired to be more cool girl which was less professional and more boho tops and low rise jeans. It's okay go ahead. I know you're judging. I'm judging me to every day. I to work ready to tackle the twos on my bosses list. Because i knew that once i checked all these boxes i can sit at my desk and focus on my collection after i was finished clipping images and tearing pages from magazine so that i could put together mood boards for my boss that showed fifty shades of beige tailored shirts with forty five button options. I would go back through those very same mags and tear pictures of the looks that i loved. I took measurements of samples. That were on their way to production. I researched resources and hunted down references. I sorted through so many fabric swatches. And i always made to piles one for work and one for me two years in. I had designed five piece collection. This little capsule included a silk blouse. I had translated some of the skills that i had picked up from my boss with a cummerbund permanently. Attached i- denim tuxedo the pass low rise with a slight boo cut flair and a basic t shirt and the shirt that i mentioned earlier the look book itself expensive. Green iridescent paper with metallic binder clips. It had ten shots in the whole entire thing. I felt great about it. Except for the fact that in making it i had wiped out my entire savings. Ten thousand bucks from summers spent endlessly babysitting and some uncapped the bonds. Thanks for listening if you like what you listen to. Please don't

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