Sung Kang and the F9 Breakdown


Song. Tang song how're you doing. Wonderful how are you today. Thanks for having me on so good. Thank you for joining me. It is absolute pleasure. You guys cannot see me but ibis mile in iran that. I'm gonna talk to this guy. Because i'm such a fan of this franchise. Would it means the cars. The fast life everything han did you look at it. That's how i'm going to say honda song. Did you know that she will always be part of the fastfamily. What's your favorite part about playing on a no. No i mean this is all fairytale. Hollywood stuff ryan you know the idea of being in a franchise. That's you know twenty years and playing a character. That's past the way and resurrected by hands. I tell hollywood fairytale that you read about our scene documentary And and so you know each time that. I was able to participate in one of the fast movies. You know it was like the gift that just never stopped giving it's like I felt like it was a privileged place to learn. You know working on a fast movie is like going to the newsmen park and and the resources are there to give you the opportunity to do the best work. You can't as an actor on under craft just focused on that it's pretty liberating when we come from indie filmmaking. Justin man director of s nine in tokyo drift You know we started our careers. Together we came from nothing came from a credit card movie. The the the journey that you we get to together as friends you know. It's like it's nice to be able to recall all the you know the experiences we've had from indie films to all the cool things on the fast moving so it's just been a blessing over and over and over so it's really been cool.

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