A highlight from #236: Resorts World Las Vegas Opens


To you can bet on that. Podcast for the recreational gambler. My name is mark davala. Sitting across from me is dr mike. Hello mike. how is your health. Well how are you feeling it's fine. it's okay it's okay you seem okay. Now i'm fine. I was just having a few days of not feeling well. All right and this morning. I actually feel i feel fine now. Really okay so i ate. Maybe could have been something. I ate my wife and daughter out of town for a few days. So i've been eating weird. Yeah see there you go. I bet that's a big part of it right. That could have been part of it. I haven't been sleeping. Well either okay so and working a lot so there's a lot of issues. Yeah it's probably just been taco bell after taco bell right not getting any race or hitting home runs like crazy mark. It's free jumbo jack. That's right if eaten a lot of free jumbo jet. I guess that's just as good. Maybe is the right word. I don't know jumbo jack. it's okay. I like it. The thing is. I have to have cheese on mine. Yes yeah so. You've got to pay more not free anymore. I don't like the cheese. I know you don't because we mean i like real cheese. I don't like that processed american cheese. Well it's not american cheese. What is it's some processed dairy product. That's what americans processed dairy products. Like if you know you put chatter on there actually. Nice pepper jack. Yeah i know that's your big cheese. I love pepper jackie. Next time they go through the drive through see if they'll put a slice a pepper jack on paying extra for that. It's okay they're going to say no we don't we. Don't carry that sir. this jack-in-the-box we'd carry only processed. It's not even a cheese product. I don't know what that is. I'll have your total at the window. All right well the big news at least coming out of vegas since our last episode is that resorts world has finally opened on the location. The old stardust hotel. Yeah and the initial reviews are pretty strong. Have you seen any pictures or videos of the pitchers and stuff. It looks very nice. It's got great review so far. I haven't heard anything bad other than you know the initial opening day. Well yeah issues you know. That's always a problem especially if you're trying to stay in the hotel there you know something that big i mean. They're just opening things are going to happen. Yeah the only issue i have is. Why didn't they call it stardust. Well i love that. I love the old star. Yeah even their logo was cool. They thought for vegas. That's the perfect thing. You know the start as well. I agreed stardust is maybe the great lost las vegas casino. That seems to be the one that always comes up. And i put that on my list to write. It just seems like the names of the casinos in the past. Were better the dunes. The stardust i mean you know resorts world. Yeah it's it's almost really isn't it it it. It sounds like a cheesy place but it's actually very nice. Knew nothing about it and somebody said oh resorts world. You're thinking great. A couple of our visa circle outdoor toilets. I mean that's what it sounds like. Why did they need to start us. This dune now they might not have had the right. Even the harass you know already exist. I mean names like that. You know a loudon in the sand. I don't know there's something about those names. Maybe we're jaded because we actually been to those places well from gambler standpoint. The interesting thing to us is that they are really pushing cashless wagering. There's been a lot of talk about that over the last few year right and they're really going all in at it now. What you do. Is you apply for their players club. And then you have an app on your phone like this virtual wallet and you put money on the wallet at their. I guess at their players club defined it. It's like having a marker yes very much like it's just like having a marker but someone can do it without getting a line of credit you can do for smaller amounts so you don't have a twenty thousand dollar marker you can put in two hundred dollars and the nice thing is you can use the slot used this virtual wallet to load money onto the slot right and then when you're done when you cash out you actually have a choice you can have it. Go have the balance. Go back on to your wallet right or you can just get a regular voucher. You know a ticket in ticket out voucher now. The thing that i found interesting is that you can also do that on table games so you could go up to a blackjack table use this virtual wallet right and then they give you real physical chips. You play blackjack scanner. Something i mean how does that work at the dealer pull out some scanner and or or maybe you run your phone over something but yeah it might have duct side. And then i'm sure they get some kind of feedback and they know how many chips to give you right and then again when you cash out right they'll either give you chips and you know you

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