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This is an abc podcast. Hello i'm gary phillips. Thanks for joining me for rear vision where we look at what happened last month to ryan if flight four nine seven eight belarus has arrested an opposition activist after ordering the plane. He was travelling on to be converted. Government client there was a bomb on board that. It's been accused of hijacking. The plane fighter jets escorted the flies. One hundred and seventy passengers to the airport in belarus ryan airplane was intercepted in the country's airspace. Traveling from raced tim. Youth ameinias pilots were told there was a bomb threat but no were found what must have been going through the minds of those passengers. They were approaching your destination vilnius airport when suddenly the plane changes course and heads in a different direction shadowed by a fighter jet. That's what happened on the twenty third of may when a shepherd ron flight from athens devilliers was diverted as it flew over belarus toll to land in minsk in this revision will consider what is safety. Regulations may have been broken during this incident. And what might follow as a result. But i what can we say with any certainty about what happened. Professor can stance jets jadu from the university of liverpool. Well a couple of things are known for sure. The ryanair flights for sure landed in means airport and two of the passengers from this flights were arrested shall be fox. You cannot do anything about that. This is the facts that the investigation will not be able to affect. What can change is the reasons and the rational and the explanation of the belarussian government of what happened. How not belarusian government but generally of the participants of the events like the pilots. The air line. I don't know like veal. News air control in lithuania of how this happened. And what where the reasons for that. Some bites this two facts that the airplane landed unexpectedly immense and that two people were representing some extend. The opposition movement to the current had of belarus states Where arrested and this in itself raises a couple of issues related to aviation law and related to human rights. Laws will thing there is a cold a deviation or a forced landing barbara. Peterson is a writer. Specializing in aviation travel and consumer is and essentially you know flight took off ryan flight from athens to illness in lithuania and then really towards the end of the flight. The pilot was informed that the head of threat of a bomb george and that they had to divert the plane to the nearest airport as soon as possible but of course they didn't get to the nearest airport. They went to one. That was little further away. That just happened to be minsk. The plane landed security came on. They didn't find any bomb and meanwhile all the passengers had to be taken off the plane to search for the which is the whole point in since. Then there's been a huge uproar in the aviation community in europe in other parts of the world. It's not just confined to the e you know. Of course i haven't gotten to yet is the whole point of this which was to get him into handcuffs. That's what's being described as a hijacking. However i would dispute that. It's not really technically an airline hijacking. An airline hijacking involves seizing the plane in basically controlling what the crew does in this case. I don't know it's an abduction. I spent was be more accurate. But i'll let other people decide what to call it. Whatever you call it. It's unusual but not unique. Bolivia has reacted angrily after a dead carrying. Its president was searched over suspicions that. Us fugitive leaker. Edward snowden was on board the president. Evo morales was returning home from a summit in moscow. When his plane was refused permission to enter both french and portuguese aerospace the aircraft was forced to land in vienna and was searched by australian authorities but they found no sign of snowden. The incident caused protests in bolivia where government officials accused the united states spreading lies. Andrew nicholson is the ceo of osprey flight solutions aviation risk consultants. It's not unique. It certainly is unusual for the have been a couple of incidents that are alleged incidents. I should say that could have precedence. And particular one was a flight of the bolivia. President morales was requested diver to vienna now. The allegations are that is driven by. Us requests to the austrian authorities because they suspected edward snowden. The notorious whistle blower was on board that aircraft. So the allegations of ed again. That's never been proven. There is another occasion when the iranian authorities force an aircraft diver in order to arrest to distance to two suspected terrorism board aboard an aircraft with were terrorists or critics of the government. Is it matter. But what i'm saying is. It is not without precedent to have alleged instance lightness in the past but it is very unusual. What about sending up a fighter jet does that happen often not in civilization. it's extremely rare. The idea of a military jet being scrambled and entailing this plane. Now that was extremely rare though. Some people have noted that several cases in the last say ten fifteen twenty years have happened that involved the united states one of them a long time ago involved hijackers of the cruise ship achille laura. I don't have any. Your listeners are familiar with that. That was also back in the eighties. And the hijackers were about to board a plane out of egypt to be flown to believe it might have been tunis or or bit of the united states. State department found out about it and they quickly said okay the navy which you know they have a base a nato base in sicily. They scrambled the jets and they basically forced egypt airplane down in sicily and then

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