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Episode. But we have something big planned for the fiftieth episode and as i'm recording today I don't give anything away. We have people talking to people. So hopefully it'll flush out and we can have this person on that'd be great again not gonna give too much away also. Today's actually captain picard day. The damn actually recording this episode. I am beyond thrilled because they released picard season. Two teaser trailer. And we finally got to see john de lance. The man himself q. Finally back in his full the word is cuteness. And we're not talking about that weird group we're talking about the o. g. q. Okay still mentioned that. Okay anyway We're glad to be a man of we gotta show you today. I'm excited to get into this. And one of the main reasons i started. This podcast was because i would go through track through sear like go through a series of these questions would always come up and i would always google up and this is one of those key questions. What happened to terry farewell now. Is it something that she just. Circumstances happened the writers or or what. But that's a pretty big break to not have somebody mega to the final season of their series especially main character. Like that. either way. I won't waste much time today on the intro. But i'm zoom only happy that Our fortieth episode. And thank you for being here. I just wanna plug deep forest productions and wolf there was amazing products and hooking me up and again you can look the link in our episode detail on wherever you stream. Spotify apple whatever Also the website is deep forest. Production dot com. In case. you're wondering or you have a pen and paper ready anyway. Let's play this candle and move on to what happened to terry farrell. Fun will now commence so like. I mentioned last episode. I was actually watching season. Six finale tiers of our prophets and made me go through this whole spectrum again. You know this whole cycle again like mike. What happened to the actress played judea dax tier farewell because design is seven seasons long and all of a sudden this main character just rain only gets killed the last episode of season six now for anybody that hasn't watched the is nine and has no plans to launch india's nine and doesn't care if i spoil it here we go so as we all know. I'm just doing this for those a real out. There all know that Dax was murdered by golden kat In the sanctuary of the prophets on ds nine because dukakis was possessed by the spirit of the pa raith and that cold of the prophets beige for and he wanted to take an orb and kinda hurt the prophets and hurt cisco and cisco is their emissary and now the whole deal in jazzy. Gotten away because she was praying about their mixed mixed species baby with worth. So that's how she died. And now all the casual trek fans and all the family friends of listened to this show just tune out there like with the crap was that but my thing was like was her death preplanned. Mike was it something. she wanted. Something the writers wanted was she to complete diva behind the scenes. And we're going to answer all of those today because if you remember from the exact same thing that happened with denise crosby is that she was kind of being a diva she didn't like to stand show up for work and not do anything and she thought it was a waste of time and she wanted to put more energy and effort into other projects other movies and excetera and so my good feral be the same way and like all of these behind the scenes drama especially in star trek. There are multiple angles. There are multiple theories and no one really knows the truth. However i will say that i do have an opinion and i definitely think you will too after all of this. Because we don't know the truth but the facts pretty much aligned for themselves. And i'll let you decide because you are smart smart person. You're smart listener. You turn into opie pee on the regular and you know what you're talking about and you know what's going on. I can't hide things for people. Let's put season six into some context just in case you haven't seen Ds nine for while you never seen the as nine Seasons six opinions one of the best seasons of all of track. I mean you have the menu more. Isn't it's absolute highest. A love storyline have oto and cure. The romance is blossoming. And it's just started you have You have vic fontaine and the vegas club. And and it's and his plotlines coming in and also with season six. You see warfield. Jay z. get married in the first couple of roads and kind of bring some new light to both. Those characters is really great. And in my opinion makes warfighter when most fleshed out characters and all track but it also delivered some of the most complex in darkest episodes of the series as well hence that big dominion more so now we have a context of season six and what was going on and we know jazzy. She was a science officer. She was trill. She was the eighth host of the dax and she possessed all the former memories and actually include curzon dax which was former klingon ambassador for the veteran and benjamin cisco's mentor. That's why always call him old man like a thirty or woman old man anyway so It took a few seasons to kinda like get the nine rolling and especially for farrow and jazzy to kind of identify what she was going to be. If she's just going to be the love interest or she can be this independent strong fierce character that eventually blossoms into this love interest. And that's that's what happened because eventually everybody was running after he got kind of annoying. Personally like we get it but Anyway so i just want to give you a background context to what was going on. While these issues and contractual problems were bubbling up in the background and like i said these very complex dark storyline. So they were expanding characters. Like vick or naga jake in all these like background characters third-tier bc characters were starting to get more limelight and so farrell very much thought. Hey you know what she actually requested to be in a few fewer episodes. You know she actually said. I kinda want to like wind down for season seven. I academy in a recurring role. I mean it's what twenty six twenty four twenty six episodes right luna for each season of design. Which is a ton of filming and she kinda could see the lies. The tunnel like season seven was the last season they knew was gonna end. So let's just get out while we still can and maybe strike while the iron tie you know like maybe a movie deal maybe get another tv show and and continue working. Because sometimes it's very hard to get out of typecast once you're in star trek hence we learn with kate mulgrew and literally everybody except patrick stewart. And i think i mean to be fair. It would have been difficult to do that and season seven but i don't think it would have been impossible because like i said there was so much storylines so much expanding of characters. He could have easily been done but the rumor was that she was actually auditioning for another show and on the same paramount lot. The design was filmed on. Am a show called becker with ted danson and somebody actually like i guess people talked and the producers and the writers in like that and so she been pretty much had one foot out the door metality.

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