A highlight from S5E2: Mortyplicity


To you. Live from one of the over thirty percent of sci-fi stories and include decoys of some shape or form decoys clones devils mirror images alternate universe it. They're all here on internet mental. Rss the unofficial rick. And morty podcast. Elo everybody i am travis. Everybody i am brandon. We are clone each other today in in celebration of to last this week's episode the same thing. I said i didn't listen. I was looking at shatt. I was i was. I was looking at chat. As specifically matt in the chat who doesn't recognize our inter dimensional ours. That's music because he only tunes for but this is inter dimensional. Rss the unofficial podcast. So happy that you're joining us. Welcome back for yet. Another episode. we we are. We are still in that that early stage of season five so excited for these new episodes never taking a week off never looking back and yeah we have. We have plenty of things to discuss about that last episode More publicity. But yeah we i don't know wh- we'll get on all of that in the main thing but for now i gotta start and say hey brandon how are you. Hey i was. I was wondering what the difference what was wrong with this episode. So far is and it was. Because you didn't start with the apron. How you doing and i didn't i mean it later. Spawned with a new sequitur story. That has nothing to do with this week's episode. Or i just saw talk about how i bought a bunch of like soundproofing for my room will actually i. Didn't i got it for father's day right. And it's all these squares and my wife bought me three m tape double-sided three m tape and so i started by putting only two squares in each one of the corners of each of these squares and put it on the wall and they are starting to fall right. Okay i learned my lesson. I'm gonna put four squares on each square. They're still falling and having zaidi every time. I come into this this room because i'm like which square is going to be falling off. If i showed you my room there would be actually be like thumb tacks in each in some of these these squares now because i want them not to fall down is probably gonna get some spray adhesive. I don't care about the pain in this place. I just i just want my sound a sound. Good how it's it's important. I'm great and

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