Personal Branding With Video Content With XayLi Barclay


All right. Let's get going today. I want to welcome our new frontier. The podcast family here on brands on brands brands zali barklay daily. Welcome to the show. Thanks for being here first and foremost thank you for having me. I admire what you do so much a likewise and feel like there's a mutual admiration there. You know i feel like there's something like i feel like i'm since i'm lead with podcasting times. Podcasters are jealous via craters. But i don't think video. Creators are ever jealous of podcasters. But i sometimes because actually like it's lake. Everyone is saying podcasting now. So it's like that's like. I can repurpose my things too that there's always that whole thing. How can i push my thing. They're exactly but when i you know we have a lot of mutual friends in common in the creator space and in the marketing space and he got me excited to talk to you about the power of video content. Because i'll be honest. I don't think i've had a lot of people that have focused specifically on that In in that space live streaming video creators. But not like. I haven't had sean kennel on the show yet. He's coming up that's going to happen. Yes but you know some people that are like actively topping video creation and how to use it or some excited to get you on the show and to get some of that out there for the listeners. Today before anything else. I'd love to hear a little bit about when you started posting video on social media like take me back to the beginning a little bit about like. Was it something that was. Just you like a video of you and your family thanksgiving like when you actually started creating for business purposes. So video really happened by mistake for me. I knew that i wanted to do video. Definitely and so back in two thousand nine. I had locks and so i used to wear my hair in that specific way and i just i wanted to start sharing tips on walks and how to take care of them and how to grow your here and i uploaded. My first video was in my bathroom. And i looked at it and i was like oh no girl this has to go and i deleted it

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