A highlight from Blanket Fort


We talked about today on the friday back. It was docking stout montana's premier a+ supreme ninety seven octane podcast about the city government. We talk about the The podcast awards that we've won we won some webbie's yep some poppies is Those were hey. Do you wanna know about the C. s. a. c. m. m. pc sm report about the fire department. Why would you. I don't know but you're gonna find out. Yeah it's amazing. The there a limited liability corporation have strew which their assets are shielded from any sort of taking from whomever would on good good indian You're going to hear two of thirty two or thirty recommendations thirty four thirty four recommendations. I was off by tests done a few other ones a few of them. Thirty four total in the executive summer here early aboard sir. You're going to get a double executive summary executive summary. Pretty amazing right Public safety mill. Levy talk oh. Hey we We have some projections on how that one's gonna go stick around and hear those yet. Believe you're what. How do you think it's gonna comment in the comments below yep waist please like sharon subscribe. We're going to discuss. You're going to hear jeff. S men threatened to sue the city which is nice. Yeah it's a nice. It's a good move as good. Enough is gonna threaten to sue the guy who beat him in the mayoral race. Listen to organize. You've got enjoyable clip. From max fury road of just a banger of a no. No context pam. This

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