BYU-Hawaii: Student Must Vaccinate or Give Up College Dream


In nineteen. I was diagnosed with theon beret syndrome also known as gb s which hand because by vaccines and another a number of other viral infections. Lots of different I was paralyzed from the waist. Down or about a month was the scariest month my life. I was a fulltime dancer at the time. I thought my life is over as walking through pasta with my parents. One day i walked on the floor. And i remember the not walk. It was near fine. Was after you got a vaccine yet. So i got influence of and do you think that was the reason have so. That's what my medical providers. We're unsure. Because i got the influenza vaccine influenza and then i was paralyzed so you can get gps from having influenza or from the vaccine. So it's a little unclear was the vaccine. Personally yes because i. I think that's why got blue so i recovered from that which is seriously miracle. I relied on my feet. The whole time i knew heavenly father had plan for me. I said if he doesn't want me to walk again and if he has a plan from not the dance. So when i found out. Byu hawaii was going to be doing this. I reach out my medical providers and we decided yes that it was not a good idea for me to get back needed so. Byu hawaii came out saying that they would offer a medical or religious exemption and they made it seem very assessable. Those okay great all right out my exemption for him it'll all be fine. Whatever i submit it with my doctors my doctor's note than everything and i waited a month to hear back and they denied me a medical exemption and i was shocked to say the least. My whole family was like. Oh no it's fine like you're going to get it. You can't get back to nate. It's okay they're gonna let you in so as a big letdown. I decided to appeal this with my parents. My mom and my dad were very. They were just not happy because their daughter had always had this dream house being taken away from her for something she control like. It wasn't fair

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