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First but functionality like adding new cards and purchasing gift cards will be shut down before then according to a pentagon reports summary seen by the hill to d. g. i. Drowns built for government use have been cleared for use by the pentagon with an audit finding no malicious code or intent back in january of two thousand twenty the interior department grounded. Its fleet of over five hundred. Dj drones oversight cybersecurity concern. So we're friends with jami and dj again but still not knowing. Let's talk instead about fashion. Scott think so Let's get a little crafty as well. You'll see why that were came up. Oetzi announced its acquiring the fashion resale marketplace depop in a cash deal worth one point six billion dollars. Us is expected to close by the end of quarter. Three of the sheer depop is found in twenty twenty or excuse me twenty eleven has thirty million users across one hundred and fifty countries with ninety percent of its users under the age of twenty six and specializes in vintage. Clothes and street wear According to the boston consulting group the global market preowned is worth up to about forty billion dollars a year and a lot of money. That's about two percent of the total apparel market and expected to grow to fifteen to twenty percent annually. The next five years is it. This is a big purchase for oetzi. Depop if you're not familiar looks a lot like i mean. There are many resale platforms these days. Posh mark is a big one threat up. The list goes on Depop is another depop as a little bit different though because it skews so young and it also if you're not if you haven't used it before it mimics instagram really specifically so that if you're scrolling through depop zip you're scrolling through an instagram feed of influencers but it's all very focused on instagram. It's you know focused on sort of people look in their best but this is about like hey look me in this awesome shirt. Wanna buy it kind of thing so it's it has It has gained a lot of traction in. I'd say a short amount of time but the company's been around since twenty eleven i think and But but but it it definitely a popular with the younger set and it's interesting to me because at see i mean people of all ages us at sea but i think it's user skews a bit older. Yeah it's a lot of diy stuff but so is the idea of recycling and repurposing close. It's a pretty good match. I also think it's interesting that we're seeing companies kind of eating around the edges of amazon. We've talked in the past about shop by becoming an amazon competitor slowly by connecting you directly to independent sellers in a way. That amazon doesn't do in his friendly of away. Independent sellers complained about amazon shop. Fis like you're gonna own your relationship. We're just going to be the intermediary but we will aggregate a bunch of things and and be a huge marketplace for people to discover you. Oetzi seems to be wanting to do a similar thing which is we have huge marketplace for a particular market. But we don't have you know recycled fashion targeted towards this demo. Let's add that. And i think that's an interesting move smart move to make. This is a twenty one year. Old son just turned twenty one and he uses this service. All the time I think news like this isn't going to really affect his outlook on it or you know any more than his outlook on facebook. Buying instagram still prefers instagram over other social services So this little crossover. I think will be kind of a blip to the user base Depop continues to do what it does. It will continue to be kind of the thrift store of the now. That's what it reminds me of just digging through some of these unlike. This is what i used to me and my friends who go to the thrift store and look for this stuff in fact. Some of this stuff is from when i was a teenager. And it's back again and who knows what people are wearing but But yeah i think it seemed like a probably a good acquisition. It just seems like a lot of crossover though Between this se and perils. You know section you know and again a lot of it is sort of like i made this shirt. Do you want it. But there's so much of that going on for example over the last. Let's say year you know but maybe a couple of years. The idea of tied. I in your own clothes while some of us remember doing that as kids is very hot again. It's like you buy something. That's a simple white t shirt or something and you tie dye and you can flip it for some money and young people realize that you know if you can make doing something then it might be worth it. I think it's also interesting timing. Not just for two companies like sandeep but the idea that a lot of people were grounded from going to department stores or big retailers during the pandemic at and in many cases still are so. So you've got that going on so you turn to services like depop a little bit more than you might have otherwise and then go. Oh this pretty convenient. Also you've been sitting around at home and you got a closet full of things and you no longer need that blazer and maybe somebody else wants it you know you might be able to hand it off type of thing so this whole secondhand market of apparel i think the boston consulting group is right that it is going to be a sector that grows quite a bit at least in the near term and keep in mind we think of as the craft marketplace in it still is that but it has moved beyond just things you made i. I bought some used plastic cups on there. it is moving into ebay territory Quite a lot more and in that respect adding depop makes perfect sense all right. We're still mad at weiwei here in the united states when i say we i'm in the united states government. I'm not part of the united states government. i should say they go. Government is not letting up on my way which means it can't get parts to make its own stuff which means it has to turn to software but it can't use google version of android so while way has now launched determine. Eos for mobile phones. Come into the flagship. Made forty on june second and other phones over the coming months previously while they had only run harmony. Os on its televisions. and some of its iot devices. The company denies that harmony is in any way a derivative of android saying. No single line of code is identical to android. But verges jon. Porter was able to side load. The what's app android api k. Onto a harm s powered

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