A highlight from EP. 532 - Jason Khalipa - Having An Extra Battery


Ladies and gentlemen episode is brought to you by friends over eat right foods and to tell you how mazing eat right foods meals are we had to bring in the big guns literally the biggest guns. I think we have here. S t. now that's smoking. what's up everybody. Yeah i'm super pumped We're really excited. Have iraq foods. You guys don't really know me. But i'm on the back end and With this show. Our audience is going to benefit greatly from this. I personally gained thirty pounds intentionally this time and eat foods. They're turkey their stake in their chicken. Pre done cooked bom shift right to you and taste absolutely amazing. Hands down hands down the best food. I've had shift my door precooked. It was just absolutely killer. Integrate deal absolutely eliminate the headache of shopping. Cooking and cleaning have eat right. Do all that work for you. Guys

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