Global Home Prices Rise Most Since 2006, Fueling Bubble Concerns


Think there was maybe a year ago. A certain cockeyed optimism among fixed renters. That the exodus from the cities in the general covid nineteen lockdown shutdown turned down might lead to a plummeting house prices Exactly the opposite has occurred. Yeah we'll seems a long time ago. Not doesn't it's It's been months. Which is seeing the deepest recession in many countries in a generation Within living memory really houses they were on the world are surging average. Jumping seven point three percents in the latest talk. That's the fastest rate of house growth since two thousand and six. This is data from night. Flanks friday night franks global house price index. They looked at fifty-six countries around the world turkey tops. The table with house price growth of thirty two percents. Although it should be noted that turkey's general inflation rates came out this morning as sixteen percent. Turkey has an inflation problem. New zealand comes in second in this league of house. Price shame with prices rising by twenty eighteen percent museum. Contractors had a lot of house price inflation in recent years but allows our country was double digit inflation. The us sweden the netherlands uk. Russia house prices rising in many countries around the world.

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