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Turnaround. Flip them for profit moving onto the next guy who ran five picks later in the nineteenth pick of the guy that i am super high on. Its the army brown from north carolina. Going to the washington football team and let me tell you why i like damn brown. The rebound has six one. One hundred eighty nine pounds of has pretty ideal size for receiver but and north carolina. he had to terrific seasons. He's past two seasons in twenty twenty. He had fifty five catches for one thousand ninety nine yards and the twenty nine thousand nine hundred fifty one catches for one thousand three hundred four forty nine yards and oh by the way throughout. He had twelve touchdowns in his sophomore year in towns in his junior. This is pretty impressive. Because i'm not sure if the North carolina has had great quarterback play particularly either. It is not. I'm not super familiar with a north carolina. The program but how how how should be the number one pick probably next year so they. They've had a pretty good quarterback he's other classmate that's right. I did hear about how so okay. They did have how but anyway. A guy putting up static this two years as Sophomore and junior. And he's doing this by the way with fifty one and fifth in fifty five receptions so it's not like he's getting a ton of targets he's maximizing opportunities putting up staff that are up there with with the top of the top and so this is a guy that You could argue count. Wise in what he's produced typically makes him atop success in receiver in this class. But oh by the way. He's fallen into the third round. Now the draft and he's actually ending up in a landing spot better than the guys that went before him because the washington football team they have terry maclaurin but do they have a number two receiver. No the don't cam. Sims is not going to cut it. Let's let's be real here for second. Kempson is not going to cut this guy who's going to step in right away and be the number two receiver so if anything. I can see this guy having a top five season as far as rookie receivers this this upcoming season because there is such an immediate chance for brown shine. I loved the town. And i love the situation. So both those things matchup for me and ryan patrick in their offense while just knowing ryan fitzpatrick. He's a guy who likes to sling the ball He's not free for big throws and yami brown is a guy that could be a target while so this is an the situation to really like especially in the strip term but i think his talent overall what is what will help him. Secure the number two role for washington in the long term. You did forget. Courtesy meals with their in the offseason. Curtis samuel okay. yes courtesy. You might be the number two receiver. But i'm not. I'm not saying that kurdistan wills a lot in geometry breath. If i think those are two big comparable players and the down brown can still end up. Overtaken curtis samuel for the number two role because it's not like samuels established in washington. Anyway he's gonna they're gonna walk on equal playing fields if anything. Yeah to co plank. Roads honestly yeah. So i mean i you know how high was on diane. Be brian i think i was probably than anybody else in the industry pre-draft in you know the fact that he didn't get a super high draft capital. I think a lot of people would just never really caught up to where the hype was going was headed towards So now he kinda ended up back back to where he's at. I know you said you saw them. You know at the beginning of the third round in. I'm in motion address. At pretty much where i got him every draft. You know there was two guys. I walked away with almost in every draft i. It was karen's marshall because if he was following the second taking them and diani bryant third. I was taking him no matter what and wasn't trained. Now those picks and i wasn't moving up or down at sticking with it. So i ended up with jami round maybe beating my number one player at of all my dynasty leaks. So you know. I'm i'm really high. I think there's a lot of potential to proprietor curse. Amiel i do think we'll we'll out touch him for sure year. One you know. But terry mccaren is another guy you know. He did not have first round draft capital as a rookie. So he's only got a couple of years left before they have to really choose on renewing his contract whether they wanna pay him if they view him to be a. You know an elite receiver that they wanna pay top ten top twenty money. They might just let him walk. You know and if that's the case the brown is almost a cologne terry records. You know he. He averaged over twenty yards a catch with a lot of volume in college. Which is one of. it's got to be one. The highest of abo scouted and You know the way he wins is he. Wins deep wins. He's a burner he gets out feel and i think there's actually a lot of room for him to grow because didn't see him run a really complex route tree and north carolina. They didn't ask them to you. Know and as kirsten says you know why why would the team tell him to do something different and teach them other rouse when when he consistently wins for twenty on the field every time you know. They don't need them to do that but an nfl. He probably has higher upside now because he can still learn. The trees like we saw with decay metcalf in some other like a jay brown. You know the same knock on metcalf was he. He only ran Slants down the in the Mississippi offense coming out of college and look how that turned out you know now. He's one of the better route runners in the entire league to mix with the athletes athletic ability. So i really liked the army brown. And i think that You know if you're getting him in the late second and early dirty of your rookie drafts. I think you're you're walking away with one of their players in the draft. One of the guys that we both really like. You can expect for geometry brown to produce put up some big

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