Hendrick Motorsports Tops All-Time Win List

NASCAR America


Daniels is already there. On the line with us to join us here. On nascar america motormouth cliff a great guys. Thanks for having me. Yeah man good to see you. So i want to talk about the win but i wanna talk about the significance of two sixty nine. Getting that record breaking win for mr hinder. What that meant to you and kyle to be able to pull that off. Yeah it was a special day special win. Of course. I think race was relieved that it happened. Because he knew how well are companies performing right that we re edit potential to do it and of course you know all the individual teams were certainly gunning to do it But it's really cool to energy that we have entertainers tra- now. Everyone is working together so well across the board You know between the teams in shops That that the momentum the energy we have now is really cool. And i think that probably means as much to mr h right now because the last four years Things haven't been super right for injured. Motor sports kinda had to scratch and claw and work To to get ourselves back in contention every week so to have three wins that rover motor sports and then ticket that a record breaking for him. day

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