A highlight from David Byrne


I thought we were doing this. In person. Which i guess is ridiculous in the air cova but i even bought my copy of this book. 'cause i thought that i was going to see this. Hold up sharpy right here. And it's got wine stains on it so you can tell that that's a well enjoy. I remember the quote from it that you said you enjoy freedom but within strict and well-defined confined. So i thought that's kind of what this is really. I'm mark ronson. And this is the fater uncovered podcast in this interview series. I'll be speaking with some of the most influential and groundbreaking musicians in the world from genre defining stars to avant-garde trailblazers about their lives and careers. Each episode will be rooted in these musicians iconic fatal cover stories and institution that over the past. Two decades has told artists stories. Like no other. The podcast is a chance for us to talk about the past present and future reflecting on their breakthroughs diving into their lives when their covers hit shelves and discussing what the

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