The Importance of Understanding Your Values to Reach Your Goals


Goal setting is very much a part of dreaming. Okay in fact. They go hand in hand because goals tap into your hope. Your hopes are tied to your values. So the first thing that i want to ask you about is what do you value and i want you to write this down. These are big ideas and concepts. These aren't things that you do. They're not material things. They're they're not those things. They're big ideas like family. Peace freedom big ideas big ideas so take a little time and write down. What do you value. And i want you to write down three things. Okay these will be tied to your passions than you'll know in the book that we go through an exercise around your passion points in your superpowers. But today we're gonna talk about your values. Values are so important. While you're writing these things let me tell you. This values are so important because psychologists found that values are the motivators. Thanks to our goals. If you can tie your goals to your your values you will have the intrinsic motivation. You need to propel you forward to that goal. Which says to me. Their dreams can come true if you put your mind to it now. Goals don't just produce things just because you hope for them. You have to leave. You have to use a little bit of intention right. Goals need

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