A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/3/21--Belmont Stakes Discussion


Are talking about the belmont stakes today. We'll have a little. I don't call it a round table because it ain't mary round. It's just me and craig milk hausky talking about it. So how about. We'll call it a belmont discussion. We'll discuss the belmont stakes a little later on discuss a little bit of the friday racing coming up at belmont which the friday card is awesome. You know the belmont stakes day card and we'll talk about the undercard stuff. Tomorrow is good with moments of great and there's a few races where okay kind of a big favourite small field you know but of course those become interesting if you don't like the favourite and there's ways to go around it so i guess You know one man's prizes another man's a suda but Yeah we'll talk about that and more on today and tomorrow show. The jury will be tomorrow. We'll get the boys thought on the third edition of the triple crown you. There's there's days that are a little more demanding as a show host and then there's days where it's pretty easy and sitting around you know doing a discussion of erase especially one where we've all been following horses ton of prep. That goes into you kinda scan. The the pp's real quick and you know. I think maybe some questions. I wanna ask craig that not the most obvious things about chores and we talk a little bit about pace figure stuff and and that and then you know but so there's some days where there's no news maybe interview shore. You know you've got to kind of work to get out. The forty five. And i feel like i could do two hours today without breaking a sweat. It was announced first thing in the morning or not. Well first thing in the morning if you're out here and you slept in but That bob baffert and dispiriting spirit. I should say was bob. Effort didn't have the overwhelming kinda did but medina spirits overage was. The split sample was upheld is positive and you know what will happen now. Well we don't know there'll be a You know i would guess there will be no not protests appeals and they'll be hearings and all that kind of stuff but you would certainly guess that this will be result in a disqualification of medina spirit and a moving up of mandolin to second hot rod. Charlie or two. I rather hot rod. Charlie up to second essential quality third. And you know cock said after that and it's kinda get where he's coming from on this like. I can't be you know knowing what we know. Obviously it's it's justified that mandolin luna's promoted to the winner but it can't be to me so much of the derby experience and of course there's money on the line i mean you're talking about you know for the owners want a million dollars more so for the trainer one hundred grand more and jackie hundred meaningful dollars but i do think a big part of winning the kentucky derby is you know the celebrate first of all the experience of it right. I mean like his entire day. Bad day Post the race was like. Oh god we were so close you know and with two of his horses you know. He didn't get to the celebration and this isn't a you know sitting feel bad for pratt but i do think the part of the derby is that entire spirits going out in the winner's circle and getting the rose draped over your horse and the pictures and the celebration afterwards and the the media and all that comes with winning one of the most prestigious races in the world and Cox said much she said. I don't feel like i wanna race. I can tell you that All except the trophy and the money. But it certainly doesn't feel like you wanna race. It's not how you want to win the race credible horses but at the end the day. It's just not how you want to win the race and hopefully some good comes out of this. We don't ever have to do it again tonight. The sport Maybe there's something we can learn such as pre-race testing. Is that a post race testing for racist magnet. Which i agree with. I think pre-race testing is Is something that would be a good thing to To have and do all that kind of stuff but the other announcement the came not that long after that was churchill downs announced that they are suspending bob baffert for two years. The original ban of entries was suspension of entries. I feel like they're kind of one of the same but was you know it was an undetermined amount of time until more information came out. Well more information came out and churchill acted pretty swiftly. It was maybe three hours later. Two hours that they announced that they've suspended him through the conclusion of the twenty twenty three spring meet which is Two years from a couple of weeks from now because he usually goes into the end. June now backwards not somebody that runs a ton of churchill but he runs some and you know the real ramification for him is the kentucky derby and the kentucky derby is obviously a huge part of what baffert's program and career is it says they also announced in the In the announcement that the baffert or any trainer directly or indirectly employed by bob avaricious from entering horses or applying for stall occupancy at any. Cdi on track. So that's another part of this. Is you know it's not just churchill. But at this point it means fairgrounds and turf way and churchill and Those the only three arlington. But elsie baffert going to run into the million or the richard duchess wa. Six hundred thousand. I think i had the best joke about that. They should have made at the arlington million after taxes. I shouldn't laugh at my jokes. But i thought that was pretty clever on anyways. So it's it's. It's going to have big ramifications. I mean it certainly will you have to think Will owners send horses. I mean if you have a very good up and coming to your old with bob baffert right now. Are you going to keep it in his barn. Imagine it's something where they you know. Let them run for baffert in california and then all of a sudden. Oh we're going to the john sadler barn just picking a name out of the hat and so i'm not sure you know does do they take horses away from they. Send it other trainers. Do they stick with him and do they wait. I mean if you spend five six hundred thousand hours. I can't imagine you want to miss the big race but Yeah i'm sure we'll find out more Bill carson engine. The ceo of trump inc said cd's is consistently advocated for strict medication regulations. So that we can confidently ensure that horses are fit to race in the race or conducted fairly regularly practices and substance violations that jeopardize the safety of our equine or human athletes and compromising tegra near sport or not acceptable as a company. We must take measures to demonstrate. That will not be tolerated. Mr baffert's was the line. I thought was particularly interesting. Mr baffert's record of testing failures threatens public confident urban ration- and the reputation of the kentucky derby given these repeated failures over the last year including the increasingly extraordinary explanations which was going back to you. Know kinda changing his story as the week went on and oh we never gave the order. Well we did it but it was this and that we firmly believe that. Asserting our rights to impose these measures as our duty and responsibility. Cd i reserve the right to extend baffert suspension. This is no longer car stanton quote. This is just the press release cd reserves the right to extend baffert suspension. If there are additional violations in any racing jurisdiction the commission as a sole thirty to disqualify medina spirit. Win the kentucky derby understanding of cd that khrc's pursuing the completion of its investigation manner in accordance with rules and regulations and then the release goes on to describe churchill downs incorporated. So wow i mean you know you. Whenever news comes across a news comes

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