A highlight from 2601 - The 2nd Amendment's Anti-Blackness & America's Gun Obsession Rooted in Slavery w/ Carol Anderson


They are great company. They they are mostly employee owned fifteen dollars minimum wage working outside of burlington vermont. And here's the thing that. I just sort of found out recently that i didn't realize we've all been cd skeptics in the past. And i was told by. I don't know someone. I was talking to about the stuff that the lot of times you. You can't really trust what's in the Cbd products that you get sunset lake cbd and now i understand when they would send products. I would get this booklet. Almost of third party independent analysis of their products and you can find that stuff on their website. They work with the university of vermont to practice. Regenerate farming practices hundred percent Organic no pesticides. So and and the cbd is legit it is what you see is what you get and for me. The tincture has been Great sleep aid for me carefully. Recreational i'll have one of the pre rolls and the The fudge and i am the the weekend brew for me is Their coffee and be infused with cbd matt's big fan of their small. He grinds it up with his other smokable as it were now legal in new york lifter. Smalls lately folks and They have dog biscuits Which emma loves remind me i tasted and they're actually not for humans but Not bad not bad They have they have gumy's Those are my favorite. They really fantastic products. You will In solve which i use and they now have a lotion that he says. Cbd have it. I haven't used it yet. I'm not a big lotion guy. But the salve is as much as i will get in terms of putting anything on my body but dry skin for years and years and years. it's true. yeah exactly true. But my sister loves it. She's been using it so check it out. Sunset lake cbd dot com. If you use the coupon code left is best. They've they picked it out. Left is best one word you get percents off. Check it out sunset lake. Cd dot com now on with this show. It is wednesday. June second two thousand and twenty one. My name is sam cedar this the five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting. Live steps from the industrially ravaged ghana's canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program today. Charles howard candler. Professor of african american studies at emory university author of the second race and guns in a fatally unequal america. Fester carol anderson. We'll be here with us today. Also on the program. Today at twenty five point democratic win in new mexico special election pokes a big hole in the anti carsl reform argument. Joe biden hands voting protections portfolio vice-president harris meanwhile shelley moore capito to visit the white house. Today as pressure grows on her colleague from west virginia. Joe manchin the largest global meat producer in the world. Shut down by a cyberattack. May while joe biden suspends oil and gas leases anwar the arctic national wildlife refuge speaking of suspending trump era policies biden officially ends the remain in mexico asylum policy speaking of donald trump governor abbot in texas yanks licenses of child care facilities housing immigrants there as a way of creating a crisis of four. The biden administration presumably. New data shows the myth of wealth fleeing high tax blue states because of taxes and a new study shows that the lifetime earnings of media male workers from nine hundred and sixty seven to nineteen eighty-three dropped by ten percent. One can only imagine what those numbers look like today. All this and more on today's majority report ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for joining us. Glad you could make it today making it today as well. She does virtually every other day would pretty much pretty much. Yeah how're you doing health permitting. Yeah the second day. I don't know i'm doing that but i just. I'm just getting used to the fact that it's only wednesday and or that. It's already wednesday and we didn't even tell the audience. We used to have a plastic barrier between us. Sam nine now no longer have that barrier and it is odd. You are clear to wear my glasses. That's right like the kinda you know when you take the three classes off and you put them on in the movie. See the difference. Like i got my three d. glasses. It's really raising the intensity of our exchanges without a doubt The fact that we don't have the the plastic wall here and We are anticipating Over the next couple of weeks The entire crew to come back into studio and so a big changes afoot here ladies and gentlemen With said we got lots to talk about today. So let's get to it. There is several moving pieces that are happening right now in washington. Dc that ultimately will decide. I think the fate of the biden administration's legislative agenda over the next sixty to seventy days this week supposedly is marks the deadline for republicans involvement in an infrastructure deal. I gotta tell you. I don't think a deal with republicans is gonna look very good and so i'm gonna cop to wanting that not to happen. However there is a significant kabuki theatre that needs to take place where joe biden needs to show joe mansion that he is done everything to try to do this. This is He needs to lay the golden gifts at the throne of king mansion. Indeed indians go pull out all the stops so joffrey. I mean joe mansion will be happy. And what's interesting though is today. Kapito is coming for a meeting. Joe biden is Presumably will do his of joe biden. Move or he tells the staff get out it's just gonna be me and shelley and that's it however simultaneously yesterday or monday. I guess it was in our to yesterday. I'm sorry in total Tulsa oklahoma where he was a marking for the first time. As a president united states has recognized the tulsa massacre that took place one hundred years ago really yesterday and the day before.

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