A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 5/24/21--Weekend Recap


Texting more. That's probably the answer to some of my problems. I've noticed when i get in the car. Especially if i'm doing an interview or just talking with somebody in the car. For some reason. I talk louder as though the speaker phone thanks. I have bluetooth in the car. I talk louder as though that's not picking up my voice. If i talking normal tone so i have to get used to that idea and then i talked a lot last weekend with the tampa thing. There was a lot of interviews. there was one interview. It really made me laugh. Because i forget about this sometimes until i talked to people from new york and the east northeast particular met people from all over the country been every state other than the two outside of the mainland in rhode island. I somehow missed rhode island. But i've noticed that anytime. Someone from the northeast new york massachusetts. Whatever new england. So if you if you're from those parts. I ask that you listen and embrace what i'm about to say to you. Okay because this is meant to help not to hurt. Ready oregon oregon oregon. Everybody i know back. There calls at oregon and yet i'm from up here so i'm from washington which is next to oregon and everybody appear kind of knows how to say it. But whenever i go to the northeast. Or i talk some of northeast and they mention the beautiful beaver state. They call oregon oregon oregon. Little pet peeve. I'm sorry i shouldn't be picking on those in the northeast but if you've been saying oregon just know that we're we're we're we're talking about you we really are but i'm here in oregon and i'm broadcasting live from oregon and we're going to talk about the the weekend that went by this past weekend of course a little bit of a quieter weekend in terms of the national racing scene. We'll talk a little downs. After dark will talk a little bit of belmont little santa anita and probably a little bit. There was some there was a handicapping observation. I made now. Of course any we talk a lot about you know our own biases and stuff and there's certainly biases when we're doing good and there's always a bias when we're doing bad. I mean we always have our biases what how doing. But i think sometimes when our thoughts are reflected with positive results we sometimes think there may be a little more important than when we still have the same thought and it's a negative result. We're finish and i had a thought on a race at belmont this weekend and it reinforced my thought because the horse in question was forty three to one i think and ran very good. Ran second and so. I wanna talk about that when we get to belmont because i think it was an interesting exercise and in handicapping but also just the idea of price comparison. What's the word of phrase i'm looking for. I think. I think in my handicapping i am. I've i've tried to get more and more forgiving. I think like a lot of the people out there. I have a bit of a recency bias. I tend to focus a lot on what has happened recently. Good or bad. I'll tend to look at what happened in a given trip or handicapping trip. Handicapping thing and i will wait so much more heavily if it happened last time out. You know when when there's a horse that has a bad trip everybody writes it down for the next start right and then sometimes we forget about it after that and sometimes it could be two or three starts before whatever we saw pays a dividend but i think one of my real weaknesses when it comes to handicapping is trying to embrace what might happen and honestly using price in a way to foresee that. Because i'm is we'll get into this right now. What the heck will. We'll talk about right now. So there was a horse at belmont and it was a maiden claiming event and to me sometimes maiden claiming events can be very very interesting races and sometimes they're they're not all that interesting you know it just depends but what happened with this particular race. I thought it was the fifth. Threes was the fifth race was not fifth race the sixth race it was now. It wasn't the eric ma. Where was this race at. I looked at it. Maybe it was earlier man. See now. I gotta go back and edit through this because i normally if you know if something usually if i can find it when i'm scanning i probably looking at the wrong day to be fair to me now here it is. Oh god it was the second race okay. Well we'll just leave all that in. So it was the second race on saturday at belmont and it was a as i said a maiden claiming forty thousand and a lotta times made in claiming races. They have this mix of horses who have been at that level for quite a while horses who are appropriately spotted horses who are dropping especially when it's the higher mate in claiming racist. Then you get a lot of horses who or nations a lot but you get some who are dry dropping out of maiden special weight and you know it's rare that you get like bad form ones that are jumping up you kinda get. The other level is kind of right. And it seems like it's always a mix of the the big dropper or the horse just belongs at that level and you know it's kind of a hard knock and sort at that level and this race had a bit of that the horse who actually at jarrow hasn't been knocking on the door at this level but was dropped down to maiden claire last time and ran better so figures. Forty thousand is probably inappropriate spot.

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